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A very dodgy nuclear waste dump meeting to be held in Quorn, South Australia – today

The most recent information on the BCC meeting in Quorn Tue 27/11-
I believe the time frame is 2-2 30 until 4-4 30.
Held in The Function room at Emily’s Bistro, First St.
Entry may involve signing a non disclosure agreement. 
If you disagree with signing this agreement, and are denied entry, then a silent protest may occur.

There’s a lot more about this.  I hardly know where to start.

Supposedly a COMMUNITY CONSULTATION meeting –  it is in fact designed to deter all bed supporters of the dump plan from attending.

If they do manage to get in – well, they’d better mind their Ps and Qs.  They will surely be thrown out if they make any noises suggesting dissent.  The police will probably be there.

Attendees have to sign a “non disclosure” agreement.  There will be no “minutes” taken –  only “notes’ which will not be published for several months.

There’s  a lot more about this at    No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia



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