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How to squash democracy – Australia’s National Radioactive Waste Management Facility shows the way, in Quorn, South Australia

Anti-Nuclear Coalition of South Australia, 27 Nov 18 Today at Quorn, the NRWMF Taskforce has vetoed Flinders Ranges’ residents their democratic right to participate in community consultation re the proposed radioactive suppository.

Tomorrow at 1pm the bureaucrats supporting that gag order will be facing members of the ANC at 26 Franklin Street.

To voice your displeasure at DIIS denying local participation; join us at 12:45 outside their Adelaide Bunker.

In any case, this is a National issue & the scapegoats of regional S.Aust need all of us to stand firm against such Federal victimisation.

MORE about this: 

Tim Bickmore DIIS phone call  -say nothing ‘observer protocol’ – on the 26th of June this year at the last reported meeting:

“Members discussed the process for observers to attend the BCC meetings and that contact details should be made more public.
o The department advised that the process is that a member of the public would contact a member of the BCC if they wish to observe. The member would advise the convener that somebody would like to come and observe.
The convener would then issue an observer protocol for the observer to sign and they could attend the meeting.”

Tim Bickmore OBSERVER PROTOCOL tabled 11th April 2018, YOU MUST NOTIFY B4 12 NOON THE DAY PRIOR,

 A member raised their concerns regarding the confidentially of what members say during the BCC meeting particularly when members names are connected to comments.
 A member argued that the committee will be able to handle observers and suggested that it should be trialled.
 The Chair added that matter of confidentiality can be raised before they are discussed to allow discussion to happen and observers can be asked to leave.
The protocol also points out that if the protocol is not followed the observers privilege can be withdrawn.
 A member added that they don’t feel comfortable if there is a routine presence of observers as there have been instances of aggressive/threatening behaviour or retaliation in the past.
o A member argued that this is the purpose of the BCC – to get information out to the public.
 A member suggested that the committee should take this issue to a vote.
o The member added that it has come to light that a member of the Economic Working Group had leaked on Facebook one of the community benefit packages.
 The Chair suggested that the observer should request to attend the meeting at least the day prior. This will allow the Chair to know who is going to be there.
o A member added that it should be stipulated how many people can observe the meeting.
 A member asked how they could report breaches of protocol.
o Members can contact the convenor who has the authority to deny that
future observers access to the meetings.
 A member suggested that they should trial the protocol and if there are any issues then the privileges are taken away.
 Bruce Wilson suggested that the committee trial the observer protocol for 2-3 meeting where it will be then considered as to whether to extend.
 Members agreed to the observer protocol on the grounds that it will be trial for 3 meetings and observers will make a request to observe at least one-day prior (12 noon). The number of observers allowed will be up to the Convenors discretion.
 A member added that if an observer is representing a group they are to record this on the observer protocol.
 A member asked if the names of the observers will be announced before the meeting.
o The chair confirmed that the names will be announced and included in the minutes.”

Kazzi Jai Sounds like secret squirrel business to me. So HOW EXACTLY is this BROAD COMMUNITY CONSULTATION AGAIN???

Tim Bickmore Did you know that the BCC don’t keep minutes but only ‘notes’? And then it takes months before they are posted….
Katrina Bohr I didn’t realise I had to go through Protocol. I’m still going to knock on the door, just so they know that I’m interested.
Tim Bickmore How many people in the community have actually been consulted or even just been informed of the protocol & day’s notice?
Kazzi Jai Tim Bickmore It’s BS – and a way to control a select few, but still tick boxes that the community – granted only a few people on the committee who were selectively picked in the first place mind you – were consulted!

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