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Release of Federal Inquiry Report into community contamination from toxic chemicals

On Monday December 3rd a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry will release its report into the Defence Department’s management into PFAS contamination in and around Defence bases. To date 90 sites and communities in every single state and territory of Australia have been contaminated by this toxic and banned chemical which was used in firefighting foams and has leaked into the environment.
A seven-year study of 69,000 US residents by an independent panel of scientists concluded these body of chemicals were connected to developmental issues in infants and children, increased cancer risk, high cholesterol levels, hormone disruption and lowered immunity.

For years contaminated communities were kept in the dark about their homes being contaminated. For the last four years they have fought tirelessly for their own Government to take responsibility for compensation and clean-up of their polluted properties.

The Inquiry report will detail physical, emotional and financial toll living in a contaminated community has created along with listing recommendations.

Contaminated communities are tired of years of inaction and false claims.

“To date, the Australian Government is a world leader in managing PFAS contamination.”

Letter from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to Williamtown residents. March 2018

Fact–  More than 170 countries have signed a treaty which ban PFAS related chemicals – Australia refuses to.

Fact– PFAS is not only still leaking off Defence bases, airports and industrial sites all around Australia in States such as Queensland it’s still in use at over 200 sites.

Fact – Defence and the Government continues to refuse to provide blood testing for residents at a number of contaminated sites. It will not release collated blood testing results from other sites.

Fact:– Contaminated communities are told not to drink water or eat food from their properties but the Government is dismissive of the international research detailing the health risks of PFAS.

Fact – The Inquiry hearings saw both the Defence Department admit they would welcome a third party stepping in to better manage the PFAS contamination and the Federal Government unable to point to who was coordinating the national response to it handling it.
Contacts: Lindsay Clout, CAP President –  0437 300 377             Chris Fogarty  –  0420 928 824


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