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UK’s nuclear dream becoming a nightmare

News Lens 22nd Nov 2018 ,The UK’s so-called ‘nuclear renaissance’ is once again in crisis. In
November, it was announced that Toshiba were pulling out of investing in the new Moorside nuclear power station after years of expensive planning, for which British citizens will be paying for years to come.

Meanwhile in Scotland (nuclear power is not being pursued and emissions are falling faster than elsewhere in the UK), 98 percent of final electricity demand was met by wind power alone in October.

Just as the ‘atomic dream’ is rendered ever more clearly obsolete by renewables, UK Government nuclear
enthusiasm intensifies. The UK has one of the most ambitious nuclear new build agendas in the world. The program was justified on the basis that it would produce power “significantly before 2025.” It was claimed “keeping the lights on” with nuclear, would be cheaper than renewables and require no subsidy. The first new nuclear station, Hinkley C, would be operating by Christmas 2017.


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