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to December 12 – Climate and Nuclear News

William Perry,  formerly of the Pentagon, and former U.S. Secretary for Defense, is renowned for his work aimed at limiting nuclear weapons, and warning the world of the great threat of nuclear war.

But now, even Perry is recognising that, in some ways, climate change is an even greater existential threat to the world. He points out that nuclear catastrophe can happen quickly, but that it’s possible to prevent it. But climate change is happening slowly, inexorably, and could be irreversible.

He’s convinced me, and I had always thought that nuclear disaster was the most important danger.

With that new realisation in mind, I’m seeing the events in Poland this week – the COP24 UN Conference on Climate Change, with a more acute interest.  This international meeting comes right after the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.


CLIMATE CHANGE. Australia’s ambassador for environment, Patrick Suckling, ridiculed as he joins USA pro coal panel in Poland.

No Australian policy on climate change as Melissa Price, Minister For Coal, heads off to U.N. climate talks. Australia quietly sabotages UN climate change message, in Poland.  Dirty tricks in Poland: getting away with no reduction in greenhouse emissions. Labor backs Greens plan to block Coalition from underwriting coal power . Schoolchildren at UN climate summit, including Toby Thorpe from TasmaniaStudents left hanging during Canberra trip to confront Morrison on climate change.

Students lead anti-Adani protests, vow to remove Liberal Party from power. Nationwide protests against Adani coal mineLegal challenge against Adani coal mine plan, over water use.

Northern Territory – legal case over climate change. Queensland Supreme Court hearing Big Coal’s case aimed to shut down climate activism.

Climate change now brings bushfires to Australia’s Northern rainforests. Increased risk of bushfires in Tasmania. Evacuation orders in place as Little River grass fire burns out of control.

Health risks due to high salt content in water, in a drought town.


Lynas’s problem of radioactive wastes – might send them to Australia? Malaysia tells Lynas to remove rare earths radioactive waste.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  Why South Australia energy transition is seen as model of success around the world.  Australia in midst of $20 billion wind and solar investment boom . The technology, and new thinking, needed for 100 per cent renewable grid . Electric cars, and the hazards of rare earths used in them. The electric-car revolution is here, but is that a good thing for the environment?

Fabricated media attacks on Julian Assange. The article that a Fairfax journalist didn’t want to write, about Julian Assange. Rallies will demand that Australia insists on Julian Assange’s safe departure from UK.


Do corporations have a legal right to destroy the planet’s ecosystem?

The worst performing countries for climate action- USA and Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia, the US, Kuwait and Russia tried to erase meaning of UN’s report on the impacts of 1.5C warming. Coal lobby is prominent at COP24 U.N climate change conference.  Climate denialist group held fringe meeting in Poland, banning access by environmental reporter.

New nuclear power plants, prolong existing ones – to solve global warming?

A wave of change is coming to our planet’s water resources.

Energy efficiency the starting point for effective climate policies.

Assessing the effects of planetary electromagnetic pollution.


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