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Drought, climate change Some questions on the incompetence of the Morrison government

Desert Woman,7 Nov 19   I have a feeling that things may become very interesting quite soon. They have finally been shamed into putting actual money, not words or promises, into the poor old country as 11,000 scientists issue yet another warning in no uncertain terms, and last night we had Greg Mullins telling them there is a fire disaster coming their way. They will learn that all their huffing and puffing has run out of puff as events and angry, frustrated people simply run over them.

Where are all the trucks and water that are going to be required to water towns that have run out? Where are all the fire refugees going to go after there was no water to fight the fires and the nearby towns have also run dry? Where are all the supports going to come from when every state has its own disasters and the USA for example is fighting fires in the winter? And that doesn’t even touch upon the newly impoverished as more crops and small towns fail and epidemics stalk the land.,13287

November 7, 2019 - Posted by | General News

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