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Scott Morrison’s brand damaged by silly cover-up of his Hawaii holiday

Prime Minister Scott Morrison pulls pin on Hawaii family holiday, but the damage is already done, ABC , By political editor Andrew Probyn , 20 Dec 19,  Australia’s marketing expert Prime Minister has just had his first major product recall.Scott Morrison’s brand has been damaged, as he wings his way back to Australia from Hawaii, a trifle shop-soiled and humiliated.

And all because Morrison and his office thought they could engineer silence on a family holiday.

As so often in politics, it’s the cover-up that gets you.

No-one begrudges the fellow going on holiday with his wife and lovely girls who have probably seen less of their dad this year than any in their short lives.

And he’s undoubtedly knackered from a hectic year in which he pulled off a miracle election win…….

There was no official public note issued of his absence and when one Press Gallery journalist inquired with the Deputy Prime Minister’s office as to whether Michael McCormack was Acting PM, the journalist was referred back to the PM’s Office.

And when a couple of journos asked the PMO to confirm the boss was in Hawaii, they were told this was incorrect.

Here’s a tip for the PM’s minders: don’t compound a fudge with a fib……

Morrison is actually lucky more pressure hasn’t been appliedMorrison can be grateful that Anthony Albanese has been very measured this week. Albanese has visited members of the Rural Fire Service, making breakfast for volunteers, but has constrained his commentary……

It is now very clear that the Coalition must recalibrate its climate and energy policies.

Amid the smoke haze, the community horror and angst, this is a point of real clarity.

Morrison’s attempt last week to reassure Sydneysiders concerned by the incessant bushfire haze, by asserting he’d seen it all before, didn’t cut it. Nor does it now…..

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