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Students’climate protest outside Scott Morrison’s residence. Greens MP arrested

‘Time politicians did something’: Greens MP among arrested at Kirribilli climate rally, Students rallied outside Scott Morrison’s Sydney prime ministerial residence to demand action on climate change. SBS News, BY TYRON BUTSON, 20 Dec 19,   NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge was among 10 people arrested by police outside Sydney’s Kirribilli House as they demanded the prime minister take action on climate change.

Demonstrators rallied outside Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s official Sydney residence on Thursday, protesting the PM’s overseas holidays as unprecedented bushfires burn across the state.

Some protesters had vowed to camp out on site until the PM returned from holidays until they were confronted by police on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Shoebridge, a NSW Upper House Greens MP, was among those protesters charged with failing to move on.  He took aim at Mr Morrison, saying it was high time politicians left parliament to join the community demanding climate action.

Mr Shoebridge, who alleges he was trying to comply with police directives to move on when he was arrested,  will face Manly Local Court on 16 January. ….

Some of the demonstrates were clad in Hawaiian shirts, while others carried placards asking “ScoMo where the bloody hell are ya?” and “When do our firefighters get a holiday?”…. HTTPS://WWW.SBS.COM.AU/NEWS/TIME-POLITICIANS-DID-SOMETHING-GREENS-MP-AMONG-ARRESTED-AT-KIRRIBILLI-CLIMATE-RALLY

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