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Nuclear and Climate News to 6 January -Australia

One wonders if Donald Trump’s aim is to take the world to the brink of nuclear war, and then to pull back , with himself appearing like the global hero. Trump ordered the drone assassination of an Iranian hero.  Iran will now no longer restrict uranium enrichment, part of the 2015 deal limiting the country’s nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions.

A bit of good news – For the 29th consecutive year, India and Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear facilities.

The world is realising how quickly even a rich and ‘developed’ nation, Australia, can be devastated by extreme weather, exacerbated by climate change. Celebrities are donating to bushfire relief. Which is great. I’d like to think that they are equally generous to non-anglophone countries, which suffer even greater climate disasters.



Prime Minister and marketing man Scott Morrison is getting a lot of flak for his loyalty to fossil fuel interests, but in my opinion, “ScoMo” will weather this storm. He will use his one great talent, sloganeering, to eventually turn the whole bushfire thing to his advantage, – helped by the Murdoch media -expect lots of ‘feel-good’ stories..

Michael Mann- climate change is now upon Australia.  Liberal former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop calls for Australia to show leadership on climate change. Morrison’s Aussie ocker, very religious, fans won’t care, but he’s not popular globally. Scott Morrison’s govt under pressure for its lack of climate policy.

 Mega fire set to form as ‘frustrated’ authorities plead with ‘stubborn’ residents. Guardian’s latest updates on fires. Not only is the bushfire disaster devastating for Australia: it’s bad for its image, too.

Scott Morrison’s condescending call for “patience” and “calm” on bushfires and climate change. Murdoch media: The Australian, Herald Sun and Courier Mail downplay bushfire news. The Institute of Public Affairs has poisoned climate discussion in Australia. How the Murdoch media murdered Australia’s climate policy.

NUCLEAR. The hazards of nuclear wastes, radioactive particles travel in smoke. Kimba nuclear waste ballot – a one-sided exercise by the Australian government. Why does the Australian govt want to put nuclear waste onto Australia’s precious agricultural land? Nuclear waste dumping and Australia’s bushfires – the unmentionable connection.


War planners ignore the fire effects of nuclear bombing.

Not nuclear bombs, but the cutting of undersea cables, could be the decisive war weapon.

Researchers still don’t fully understand Arctic melt and sea level rise.

The rise and rise of global offshore wind capacity.

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