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Scandalous that the Australian government plans a nuclear waste dump on our precious, scarce, agricultural land

Kim Mavromatis Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch Australia 14 Jan 2020, Why on earth would you think Agricultural farmland is a good place to dump radioactive nuclear waste ?????? ARPANSA (the regulator) don’t think so – they state in their own guidelines and Site Selection Criteria, that the proposed Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dumps should not be placed on Agricultural land, in the immediate vicinity of land with significant Natural Resources, or Outdoor Recreational use???
When you know that only 4.5% of South Australia’s land is Agricultural cropping land – why on earth does Scomo’s Federal govnt want to dump / introduce toxic radioactive nuclear waste on Agricultural Farmland near Kimba and Lake Gilles Conservation Park – which has an Export income for Kimba farmers of up to $80 million per year? And $778 million income for Eyre Peninsula farmers (18/19 RDA Whyalla and EP Report) ???????

January 14, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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