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Nuclear and climate news – week to 27 January Australia

Australia’s bushfires still dominate the climate news. Despite helpful rain, as of last Tuesday, 107 fires were still burning.-More extreme heat, and more fires, are predicted. Indeed, as I write, a new bushfire is reported, in Australian Capital Territory.

Still, Australia is far from the only climate story this week.  Climate change could unlock new microbes and increase heat-related deaths.    Deadly flooding and landslides are striking Brazil. Extreme weather is causing falling iguanas, rise of deadly spiders and swarms of locusts.  And, no doubt of prime importance to “sensible” and “corporate” humans, Climate Change could blow up the economy and the banks aren’t ready.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the “Doomsday Clock” to 100 minutes to midnight, its closest to doomsday since it began ticking, due to nuclear proliferation, failure to tackle climate change and “cyber-based disinformation”.


NUCLEAR. Australia’s megafires a wake-up call on the climate-nuclear danger.

“Ecomodernists” – Ben Heard, Oscar Archer, Barry Brook, Geoff Russell, – Australia’s pro-nuclear fake environmentalists.   1980 spill of nuclear poisons – a warning note for Kimba area.

Honeymoon uranium mine might restart this year, and pigs might fly.  South Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young slams investment in South Australian uranium mine.  Uranium prospects poor, but Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt and Northern Land Council agree on a new mine.

CLIMATE. Australian bushfires drive up global emissions as economic costs mount.  Australia singled out for climate denial as “Doomsday Clock” ticks closer to midnight. Australia’s Finance Minister Mathias Cormann spruiks for coal and for Trump at Davos summit.

Secret research reveals rift in the Liberals, over climate change. Climate and the Coalition’s new denialism. ”  Former Prime Minister Turnbull scathing about #MorrisonFromMarketing, on the climate issue. Experts slam Morrison’s false equivalence between emissions targets and hazard reduction. Tasmania’s new Liberal premier appoints himself as climate minister.

‘Money talks’: Outrage at billionaire climate sceptic’s political donations. Legal action over climate change is on the rise.

34 environmentalists and conservationists received Australia Day Awards.


Australia May Add Record Amount of Renewable Power in 2020. 23 solar farms added to grid in 2019 as PV costs fall to record lows. Bushfire crisis: The answer to future energy security lies on our rooftops.  South Australia on track to 100 pct renewables, as regulator comes to party.  Boost for Canberra’s growing renewable sector. Western Australia has waited far too long for renewable energy.


Six legal arguments against the extradition of Julian Assange to America.

New interactive flood-risk map shows that global vulnerability to sea level rise is worse than previously understood.  Davos conference – an expensive exercise in corporate spin. Greta Thunberg says climate demands ‘completely ignored’ at Davos.

The global danger as insect species disappear

Nuclear recycling is a bad idea.  The nuclear nations push the fantasy of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

World’s first public database of mine tailings dams aims to prevent deadly disasters.

Solar, storage, and wind tipped as top energy job generators.

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Six legal arguments against the extradition of Julian Assange to America

Six legal arguments show why the US extradition of Julian Assange should be denied Tom Coburg  25th January 2020 The first of two articles examining Julian Assange’s upcoming extradition trial.

There are at least six legal reasons why the extradition request by the US against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be dismissed by the UK courts. The main extradition hearing is scheduled to commence 24 February 2020, with district judge Vanessa Baraitser presiding. The evidence to support Assange is compelling.

1. Client-lawyer confidentiality breached
2. The initial charge is flawed
1. Client-lawyer confidentiality breached
3. Initial charge relies on co-operation from Manning
4. Additional charges raised by the US are political
5. US legal precedent argues that Assange’s work is protected by the US Constitution
6. Threats of violence against Assange mean he’s unable to receive a fair trial

1. Client-lawyer confidentiality breached Continue reading

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Uranium prospects poor, but Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt and Northern Land Council agree on a new mine

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