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The week in climate, nuclear, (and coronavirus) news

The movement is on, in many countries, to return things to”normal” as the infection “curve” is reported to be “flattening”.  But as lockdown rules are eased, in Germany and South  Korea, infection rates go up again.  With 4 million confirmed cases globally, there is no slowdown in the rate of infection. USA’s death toll is 80,000, while Russia’s and Brazil’s are thought to be soaring.  COVID-19 is such a strange disease. Like climate denialism, –  is a form of coronavirus denial going on?


The Liberal coalition government killing the ABC by 1000 cuts – but a possible way exists to save it.

Australian government stops listing major threats to species under environment laws.  New environment laws must address main cause of the biodiversity crisis – climate change.

Investigative journalism – ‘Under cover of coronavirus’ New South Wales govt approves US company to mine coal beneath a Sydney drinking water dam.

NUCLEAR. Minerals Council of Australia wants radiation risks to be discounted in Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.  Film Maralinga Tjarutja premieres on ABC Sunday 24 May.

 Kimba National Nuclear Waste Dump Plan   Bogus claims and dodgy Fed govt nuclear waste dumps process. Submissions to government:

Western Australian uranium projects floundering, as Cameco’s Kintyre environmental approval lapses.

CLIMATE.  States so far ahead of Australia government, it’s as if they are in a different industrial era. Canberra is a model for using climate action to drive economic recovery, minister says.   Covid-19 co-operation lays out pathway for climate ambition, CMI says.   How “green steel” could replace Australia’s coal industry – and end climate wars.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  States so far ahead of Australia government, it’s as if they are in a different industrial era.  Helen Haines launches renewable energy plan for regional Australia.    Record growth in rooftop solar pushing coal out of Australia market.    Switching to renewables could cut industry energy costs by almost a quarter.

ARENA funds study into smarter solution for system strength issues plaguing solar, wind projects.  Australian Renewable Energy Agency funds end in 2022 – a major blow for solar research.

Queensland’s Yurika to install 15MW of solar on shopping centres.  Lithium Australia assessing the use of recycled battery components as fertiliser micro-nutrients.  South Australia minister aiming for 100 per cent renewables before 2030 .  Victoria calls on feds to “put aside ideology” and pave way for offshore wind.


A potential US extradition of Julian Assange poses existential threats to democracy..

Another world is possible.

Tiny killer agents – Cornaviruses, and also, Nuclear Radiation.  As with viruses, containment of atomic weapons may be good, but eradication is best.  .

International co-operation – essential for Coronavirus action, and for Climate action .  Can Covid-19 response be a model for climate action?.  Climate change – a bigger still challenge follows coronavirus.  A small window of opportunity to stave off rapid global heating.

2020 hurtles toward the warmest year milestone –Heat+ humidity – global heating has already made parts of the world too hot for humans.

Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues Consensus Statement.


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