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Cameron and Toni Scott: brief but compelling critique of National Radioactive Waste Management

Cameron and Toni Scott – to Senate Committee on 
National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment (Site Specification, Community Fund and Other Measures) Bill 2020 [Provisions] Submission 82

We are active residents of the Kimba Community and are involved with many community organisations within
the town. We own and operate a farming business and have 3 small children.

Over the past 5 years my husband and I have been involved with this process as direct neighbours of the first
round of nominations at Kimba. We have found the process inconsistencies extremely frustrating and stressful.

I ask that you please take our views and recommendations into consideration and I would be happy to be
called as a witness to provide further information in the form of a hearing.

Ballot figures were manipulated to justify broad community support.
Voting boundaries were restricted and disregarded active members of our community who live within
close proximity to Kimba and Napandee site.
– Submissions from locals living alongside site but outside council boundary were ignored or considered
not relevant for the Minister to report on.
– 94.5% of all submissions received were opposed to the siting of this facility in Kimba.
– Petitions were not reported in Ministers announcements.
– Doubling handling of ILW waste is unnecessary, costly and
– Farming land is not a suitable location for radioactive waste

We recommend that the Government please further investigate options of more suitable land that could
potentially permanently dispose of both LLW and ILW radioactive waste to rule out double handling and
separating the waste.

We also recommend that the Department and Minister Canavan’s figures used to justify Broad Community
Support be looked at in depth, as it is so important that a site such as a National Radioactive Waste Facility
which would be a permanent fixture of our Community does in fact have the broad community support
required for a successful outcome.

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