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The absurd cost of Australia going nuclear – theme for June 2020

The global nuclear industry is in deep shit.   It was so, before the pandemic. It’s in an even worse financial state now.

So, it’s not surprising that there’s a concerted campaign going on –  to foist off this dangerous, out-dated and super-expensive technology onto nations that are nuclear-free.  Australia is an enticing target customer. (Never mind that renewable energy technologies are ever cheaper, and Australia is blessed with a wealth of these)

That is why we now have Nuclear Inquiries going on in several States, and in the Federal government.   Their first target is to remove the anti-nuclear legislation that is now in place in most states, and federally.

There’s also the move to weaken the Environmental Protection  and Biodiversity Conservation Act  (EPBC).  They want to get rid of sections that protect against the special radioactive dangers of the uranium industry.

It’s not just the Yanks wanting to sell off their costly nuclear wares. There’s a determined little nuclear lobby here amongst Australians – military hawks, self-serving politicians, and ambitious and greedy people who want the fame and the money, which will come to a few, if they can get the Australian tax-payers to buy that atomic dream.

That dream – which will be  a nightmare –  involves the entire toxic nuclear chain, from uranium mining through to  geewhiz untested new nuclear technology, nuclear reprocessing, and the importing of the world’s radioactive trash.

The very first step in this nightmare could well be the ill-conceived and rushed move to set up a stranded nuclear waste centre in Kimba, south Australia.   That little enterprise has already cost the tax-payer plenty –   in the attempt to brainwash farming communities that nuclear waste is fine to have near your farm.

If there’s one silver lining that might come out of Australia’s current economic gloom in this pandemic ?recovery period, – it could be the public realisation that Australia does not need the huge costs and hazards of nuclear power, and nuclear weapons.

We have enough expense with that white elephant at Lucas Heights, the Opal nuclear reactor.  ANSTO has grand plans to expand that, when they should be looking to modern, non-nuclear , more practical, ways of producing mediacl radioisotopes.

May 16, 2020 - Posted by | Christina themes

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