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There’s  no avoiding coronavirus news, and it changes all the time.  The focus has shifted to”post – virus”, though it is not clear that it is “post” now, or even within 2020.  At present, New Zealand and Vietnam are looking like shining success stories.  The secret of their success? –  strategic testing, aggressive contact tracing and effective public communications campaigns. That last point -all important -that everyone, down to small kids, understands the basic story, the national plan and what they need to do.  Planning needs to be national, and then, international.

Who knows whether the post-Covid-19 period will move towards a cleaner and more humane world, or back to “business as usual” or worse?     Meanwhile the non-stop news cycle takes its toll, and of course, being news, it’s all bad.   It’s probably good to (a) take lots of breaks from the news, and (b) follow good news.  Some examples:

  • The IEA says greenhouse gas emissions will fall by more than 8% this year, the largest annual decrease ever recorded. NPR
  • A decade ago over 40% of the UK’s electricity came from coal. This week, it clocked up its first full coal free month since the advent of the power grid in 1882. Gizmodo
  • Sweden has closed its last coal-fired power station two years ahead of schedule, becoming the third European country to exit coal. Independent .
  • Freshwater insect species have risen by 11%, possibly due to efforts to clean up rivers and lakes. Science

You can find good news at FUTURE CRUNCH, and at GOOD NEWS NETWORK.


The torture that awaits Julian Assange in the US.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley will not support protection of Murray-Darling river systems

NUCLEAR. The push to weaken Australia’s law regulating the uranium industry, in the review of Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.  New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro got it so wrong about Britain and small nuclear reactors.

Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Plan:   Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) question government’s plan for nuclear waste dump near Kimba, South Australia.  13 top Australian non government organisations say that the Kimba nuclear waste dump plan is illogical.     Cameron and Toni Scott: brief but compelling critique of National Radioactive Waste Management.  Marty and Rachel Yates: the wrong nuclear dump process- individuals nominate their own land for their own personal gain.

CLIMATE. New climate models suggest that Australia could reach 7C temperature rise by 2100. A Covid-19 Green Recovery for Australia. Australia listened to the science on coronavirus. Imagine if we did the same for coal mining.   How the Murdoch press defended fossil fuel industry while Australia burned. Experts warn of growing fossil fuel influence in Prime Minister Morrison’s Covid-19 response .   Cheap electricity is back, and the next casualty will be a coal fired generator.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australian investors play key role in huge 690MW solar and battery project – America’s largest.  UNSW solar researcher wins global award, as funding remains in doubt. Tesla big battery recoups cost of construction in little over two years.  Balancing act: Tesla battery system earns university nearly $74,000 in 3 months.

Australia’s reputation as solar leader under threat if ARENA funding not extended. Tasmania unveils action plan to reach 200 per cent renewablesQueensland urged to unlock $36bn renewable investment boom in lead-up to election.  Australia is uniquely placed to be able to reinvigorate manufacturing through renewable energy.


Latest climate models suggest global heating could be worse than we thought. Killer heat and humidity already with us.   Covid-19 highlights risks of doing nothing on global heating.    Water loss in northern peatlands threatens to intensify fires, global warming.

How much radioactive waste is stored on our planet?

The race to nuclear suicide continues despite Covid-19 crisis.  $73 billion world spent in 2019 on nuclear weapons, half of it by USA.  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty– its promise and its failure.

THE ATOM: A LOVE AFFAIR – nuclear dream to global nightmare.


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