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17 August: The Senate Nuclear Waste Inquiry- Public Hearings go Secret


This is my impression of events

The public hearing on August 3.;query=Id%3A%22committees%2Fcommsen%2Fa4d64368-7fea-4fb0-b04e-5e0ea529799a%2F0000%22
The Senators asked for documents, (relating to the selection of Napandee, and in view of the Amendment meaning no judicial review of that decision).
The heavily redacted documents were supplied at some absurd time, like 20 minutes before the hearing.
The Department of Industry requested that these documents be discussed at the next (public) hearing, on 17 August
11  a.m – 1.30 pm. – to be held in private. That was accepted (Why?)
Now all mention of this meeting has vanished from the Parliament website. 
I read today a news item of a Council Nuclear Hearing in UK, where it was decided to hold the public hearing in private.  At least in the UK, the public even gets to know that the private public meeting is on –  the Australian public remains blissfully unaware.  

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