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To 18 August – nuclear, climate, coronavirus news

As always, hard to know what is the most important issue this week. But, for sure, the coronavirus pandemic is still there.  Latest global data: Total cases 2, 534, 611   deaths 771,106. New daily cases 212,487  –  deaths 4,181. In the USA, in states such as Texas, a prevailing libertarian spirit prevents people from taking precautions, such as wearing masks. The world is headed for an economic depression, and recovery depends on a vaccine and effective treatment for Covid-19.

Meanwhile – global heating moves on inexorably. The last decade has been the Earth’s hottest on record-bringing weather extremes, heatwaves, fires, storms.  AND – there’s the pandemic infectious diseases  connection, too – while heat brings an increase in mosquito-affected areas, with the diseases that they transmit, it also thaws permafrost, releasing microorganisms. Climate study looks at humans’ exposure to extreme temperatures during 21st century.

Hiroshima and the normalisation of atrocities.   In August, attention goes to the nuclear disarmament movement,. There are moves towards achieving a nuclear weapons-free world, for example,  steps that put pressure on the nine nuclear weapons nations. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is working hard to achieve the 50 national ratifications that will make the Treaty on the Prohicition of Nuclear Weapons become international law. United Nations promotes the role of young people in ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

Some bits of good news:  New studies reveal good news about coronavirus immunity.     No cruise is good news for Venice.


NUCLEAR.    Although Australians started a move to abolish nuclear weapons, The Australian government tried to sabotage the U.N. nuclear ban treaty.  The human toll of nuclear testing in Australia and Oceania.   Radio 3CR interviews Dave Sweeney, of Australian Conservation Foundation, on matters nuclear.

National Radioactive Waste Dump plan.Senate Inquiry.  On 17 August the Senate Nuclear Waste Inquiry- Public Hearings go Secret.  Senate Nuclear Waste Inquiry gets vague and incomplete answers from Department of Industry.  Kimba area locals point out the unsolved problems of nuclear waste transport to Napandee.

CLIMATE.    Australia must place climate action at centre of coronavirus recovery, chief UN economist says. Australia’s doctors call for a climate-focused COVID-19 recovery plan.

Torres Strait Islanders claim climate change affects their human rights – Australia govt tries to stifle their claim.

Australian government using COVID recovery strategy to bolster its mates in gas industry. BHP backtracks on dodgy Kyoto accounting trick,  puts fossil fuel lobby groups on notice.  Climate Change Is a Security Threat to the Asia-Pacific.

Reserve Bank modifies energy tender from 10 pct to 100 pct green energy.

BHP shareholders demand immediate stop to mining that disturbs Aboriginal heritage.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Lots of news at


Climate stabilization: Lessons from the corona crisis.  $6.6 trillion in annual GDP at risk as Asian climate warms – McKinsey Global Institute.  Business as usual equals many extra deaths from global warming.

Surviving the nuclear bomb at Nagasaki 75 years ago showed me nuclear weapons shouldn’t exist. A new splurge on nuclear weapons marks the Hiroshims/Nagasaki anniversary.

Nuclear weapons, nuclear war, remain a global existential threat.  Only luck has saved us from nuclear war, not planning.  All too often the world has narrowly avoided World War 3, due to mistakes.  A Major Nuclear Arms Treaty Expires Next Year. What Happens Next?  Urgent need to stop the erosion of nuclear arms treaties -multilateral disarmament forum.  Nuclear weapons countries have an obligation to lead in nuclear weapons control – U.N.

The development of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and the need for research.

ARCTIC. GREENLAND.  Past the tipping point: Greenland glaciers will continue to lose ice, no matter what.  Arctic permafrost is thawing, as the region experiences unprecedented heat.the life of Koeberg nuclear power plant .


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