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South Australian Upper House reaffirms the State’s law opposing nuclear waste dump

Mark Parnell MLC , It was a great day back in 2016 when we won the campaign to stop the ill-conceived proposal to turn South Australia into the World’s dumping ground for deadly high-level radioactive waste.  However, domestic nuclear waste and other radioactive subjects are still on the agenda of State Parliament.

Proposed Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump

Whilst the Federal Liberal Government seeks to push this unnecessary and divisive project through the Senate, the South Australian Upper House has reaffirmed its commitment to State law by opposing a domestic nuclear waste dump at Kimba or anywhere else in South Australia.  Dangerous long-lived radioactive waste currently stored under guard at Lucas Heights should stay there until a permanent solution is found, not shipped 1700kms to another temporary storage site in SA.  If this project proceeds, the Greens will ensure that a South Australian Parliamentary inquiry is held that properly consults all stakeholders, including the Barngarla Traditional Owners who were shamefully excluded from the original community ballot.

Banning Nuclear weapons

State Parliament has recognised the 75th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  This horror has inspired 47 countries to ratify a 2017 UN Treaty that would ban nuclear weapons forever.  Only 3 more nations are needed for the Treaty to become International Law. So far, Australia is refusing to sign, for fear for offending our US allies.  You can add your voice here:

STOP PRESS: We’ve just learnt that the 50th nation has ratified the Treaty, which will now come into effect in 90 days.

Radiation Regulation

The State Government has re-written South Australia’s radiation protection laws.  Whilst most changes were administrative, there are still some fundamental problems, not least of which is that BHP’s Olympic Dam mine at Roxby Downs continues to be exempt from most State laws.  Both Liberal and Labor joined forces to ensure that BHP’s special treatment continues with their “Indenture” overriding laws that all other mining companies must comply with.

On a more positive note, a number of Green amendments to increase accountability and transparency were accepted.  We also secured an amendment that allows South Australia to set its own safety standards for radiation exposure and not be limited to outdated and weak standards applied elsewhere.



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