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Exposing the deceptions of Keith Pitt, Minister for Resources, on the failed nuclear waste dump plan

Peter Remta, 23 Nov 20, With some reluctance and an apology I really must now enter the fray because of the misleading and disingenuous statements on behalf of the government regarding the choice of Kimba for the government’s nuclear waste facility

on Keith Pitt, Minister  forResources

Pitt keeps claiming that Kimba is “marginal” and “low value” land and hence the ideal site for the nuclear waste facility yet it is regarded as one of the prime and best agricultural areas in this country with an international reputation as to the wheat crop from that region

He is arguing against strong opinion and advice from  many agricultural experts and economists

His next claim is that Kimba is the ideal and most suitable location for the facility which is completely at odds from the knowledgeable opinions and advice by international experts in nuclear waste management

In justifying the storage of intermediate level waste at Kimba Pitt claims that it will take many years and huge expense to find and develop a suitable permanent disposal facility for that waste

This is completely false as the Leonora site for an underground nuclear waste repository has been described by one of the leading and largest nuclear waste engineering consultants asglobally an outstanding location for the proposed underground repository

This view is shared by many other overseas experts who cannot understand Australia’s proposals for the above program facility at Kimba

Added to this the Leonora site can be brought to operational standards in line with all international safety requirements and prescriptions for less than $50 million compared to the government estimate of up to $350 million for the inadequate facility at Kimba

This is shown by the concept planning and designs already undertaken for  the repository at Leonora which are far more advanced than the government’s proposals for Kimba


November 23, 2020 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, politics, spinbuster

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