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Exposing the deceptions of Samantha Chard General Manager of the National Radioactive Waste Agency

Peter Remta, 23 Nov 20, As I have mentioned previously this is not the first time that Chard has been untruthful as was established through the questioning of Senator Patrick in the recent Senate enquiry into the legislative changes for the Kimba proposal

At the estimates hearing on 22 February 2019 Chard interrupted her then responsible Minister to claim that the community development package of $30 million (her figure) including a community fund component of $20 million had always been contemplated when the initial enabling legislation was passed in 2012

However members of the committee advising the government on the implementation of the enabling legislation spanning several years in time claim that there was never any mention or even an oblique reference to anything in the way of a community fund as claimed  by Chard

There was nothing in the various information released by the government  including the official nomination guidelines regarding the community fund until its first mention on 12 December 2018

Moreover to have not remembered 580 documents on such an important issue of national significance as judicial review regarding this situation is completely unacceptable

If this is the best that our country can offer by way of ministerial and administrative capability on such an important issue then what hope do we have for the future

The situation was only exacerbated by the incompetent and unsatisfactory performance of the ANSTO management personnel at last month’s estimate hearing

To qualify myself I probably know more about nuclear waste in a global sense than anyone in Australia and it was through my efforts that the ANSTO personnel faced some of the uncomfortable questions at the estimates hearing last month

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