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Nuclear news – week to 14 December


The pandemic and the development of the vaccine have dominated the news this week.  Also, the impending USA electoral college vote is holding media attention, along with the potentially violent movement to overthrow Joe Biden’s election win.

The U.N.  Climate Change Action Summit drew attention both to the scale ofthe action needed, and to the efforts being made by different nations .

On the broad news, nuclear issues are in the background. For me, life has been busy, too. So this week’s notes are mercifully short.



Analysing Christopher Pyne’s article enthusing about proposed Kimba nuclear waste dump.  Australia’s Liberal and National Parties got their arithmetic wrong on nuclear waste dump opinion polls.  Michele Madigan sets former Minister Christopher Pyne straight on nuclear waste dump plan.    Far from “broad community consent”– nuclear waste dump plan for Kimba South Australia..

Australian Government Productivity Commission Report fails to realise the complexity of environmental problems in uranium mining.

The end of the uranium mining era leaves Jabiru with some social and housing problems.

CLIMATE Australia is “rapidly” moving towards a hotter, drier climate.



Dr Helen Caldicott on the nuclear lessons of the past – time to take note of them.

Greenhouse gas emissions transforming the Arctic into ‘an entirely different climate’.

Google headline news on “Nuclear” – articles are strongly pro nuclear, and for “Small Modular Reactors”, even more so.

Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) if they work, will arrive too late to make a difference to global heating.

Uranium Film Festival 2020 – a huge success under difficult circumstances.

Microwave Radiation ‘Most Plausible’ Cause Of Diplomats’ Ailments.

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