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Wilcox cartoon from The Age 7 Sept 21

While Afghanistan, and Covid-19 continue to be the main focus of news, climate change is getting a new kind of attention. I find it a worrying kind.  When Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, News Corps etc, were busily spouting climate change denialism, at least you knew what they were up to.  Now, I fear that the world is going to be subjected to propaganda that is much more subtle.  Just as Big Media and Big Business now ”support” action on climate change, I think that they will be spruiking technological fixes, ”clean coal” ”carbon capture and storage, ( perhaps even Big Renewables). On the coat-tails of this Big Fix movement rides the nuclear lobby. Nuclear is so far banned from participating in the COP26 Climate Summit in November.   I wouldn’t be surprised if it wriggles its way in.  World leaders like Biden, Johnson, Putin – all depend for their jobs, on the backing of big corporations.  So – COP26 is already under threat.

On the positive side, quiet and thoughtful voices speak up for a more holistic approach to climate action, and a measured study on the world’s energy needs. 

Covid-19 –    Coronavirus worldwide, despite nearly 65,000 deaths and nearly 4.3 million cases in the past week, is leveling off with 8% declines for each category, with every continent dropping except Europe in fatalities.

NUCLEAR. While not much is actually happening, the activity is – under the radar – the ever-increasing push to convince the world that nuclear is ”clean and green and the way to go.”

Some bits of good news –  India Today Group launches Good News Today, India’s first and only positive news channel. ”Good news” – as usual – very much individualistic stuff. I guess that the overall small drop in coronavirus cases is a small plus. 


 Australia’s business leaders want stronger climate policy, but nuclear lobby stooge Senator Matt Canavan wants Australia to boycott COP 26. Landmark FOI ruling could shed new light on Energy Minister Taylor’s big energy market ploy. THEN – Morrison government moves to strengthen secrecy around energy ministers meetings. 

The ANZUS treaty does not make Australia safer. Rather, it fuels a fear of perpetual military threat .   Macedon Ranges joins 36 local councils to call on Australian government to sign and ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

  Scrutiny on possible fraud in the process of the government bribery grants for South Australian communities to accept a nuclear waste dump. Napandee nuclear waste site is in fact on farming land, and all too close to the town of Kimba. Agricultural land deserves protection from radioactive pollution. Radioactive waste dump plan lacks genuine community consent. 

 Wollemi Mine? Experts label John Barilaro’s plan for new coal “corrupt”, unviable. 

  New Australian law allows security agencies to spy on, and manipulate your data – mainstream media ignores this. 

  Murdoch’s News Corpse hasn’t seen the light on climate – they’re just updating their tactics.


A New Online Youth Platform Promotes Nuclear Disarmament.      After the Afghanistan war, the time for change is now.  Oblivion and 9 Other Best Dystopian Films About Nuclear War.

How much energy do we need to achieve a decent life for all?     Does technology really matter more than the natural landscape?

Greta Thunberg, critical of governments, may not attend COP26.      COP26 – the need to scrutinise hidden climate agendas.

Formidable radiation dangers in travel to Mars. Radiation could restrict crewed Mars missions to less than four years . Cosmic radiation will probably prevent growing crops on MarsVirgin Galactic ‘ignored red warning light’ in Branson’s race against Bezos to be first billionaire to space.

New Nuclear: What’s At Stake For Wildlife? – Webinar October 7.

International Uranium Film Festival free online screenings September 13 – 19.

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