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The week in nuclear news – Australia and more

This month, my websites are focussing on ionising radiation.  Not that this is a topic in the news media.  Far from it. Yet it is strange that the world media is preoccupied with tiny invisible viruses that quickly can bring about illness and death, yet ignores tiny invisible radioactive particles that slowly can bring about illness and death.    
Well, the global nuclear lobby has done a darn good job in convincing the world that low level nuclear nuclear radiation is OK, perhaps indeed good for you. Now they’re gearing up for an even bigger push about nuclear being good for the climate.
AUSTRALIA. Ionising radiation – the forgotten health disaster.

AUKUS and nuclear submarines. Australia’s nuclear submarine deal a distraction from climate actionAustralia the sucker for cash-strapped U.S, and U.K submarine companies General Dynamics and BAE Systems. Australia’s nuclear submarines – a grand announcement leading to a grand shambles. No solution to submarine nuclear waste. Australia would be crazy to take on this mess.  Australia’s nuclear submarines likely to be obsolete and useless.

IAEA concerned that AUKUS could weaken non-proliferation system . Malcolm Turnbull on nuclear submarines – nothing is agreed. There is no design, no costing, no contract. Australian govt will take 18 months at least to find out if we’re leasing nuclear submarines. The giant question: is Australia able to deal with submarine nuclear wastes?  Russia warns that AUKUS is a ” a great challenge to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.” Vatican not happy with Australia getting nuclear submarines (that’s except for George Pell, who backs them). Unknowns about Australia’s proposed nuclear submarines, especially weapons proliferation risks.

Trevor St Baker and the latest push for nuclear energy.

Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Kimba nuclear waste dump is absolutely not a foregone conclusion. ARPANSA may not give licence for Kimba nuclear waste dump: Nuclear wastes best managed at Lucas Heights. When talking about nuclear waste and radioactivity, blurring the figures is a good pro nuclear strategy! To be internationally credible, ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) needs to include detail on radionuclides in Intermediate Level nuclear waste. 

 Climate.    Liberal Coalition prepares for greenwashing at the Glasgow climate summit. Scott Morrison confirms he’s unlikely to attend UN climate summit in Glasgow. Australia should not be a climate laggard at Glasgow- Matt Kean (Liberal) – Cheaper renewables make Narrabri gas project obsolete .

Scott Morrison’s ‘net zero by 2050’ emissions reduction plan will be filled with tricks and rorts 


World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2021. Global nuclear agencies get together to launch the big propaganda show ”Group of Vienna” ahead of COP26.

Climate solutions must be assessed on cost and speed of operation – nuclear fails on both, while reduced demand is a winner.  The most important factor in the nuclear-power debate: Cost.

Nuclear for climate? – DON’T MENTION RADIATION!

Greta Thunberg mocks world leaders’ words at Youth4Climate.

No, a nuclear-powered superyacht won’t save the world.

Unknowns about Australia’s proposed nuclear submarines, especially weapons proliferation risks.

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