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Federal government spinning the virtues of nuclear waste to Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Ceduna, who had no say in the decision.

Roni Skipworth  Facebook: No nuclear waste dump anywhere in South Australia  · 

Those here who are of Aboriginal Culture please be aware this is happening in Whyalla Pt Lincoln Ceduna. The Federal Government didn’t want to include the Barngarla Custodians of Eyre Peninsula’s input when a new site for Australian Nuclear Waste Dump in Kimba Farming District. Though now that the Barngarla Culture is taking the Federal Government to COURT they want input from those towns mentioned. To give them SPIN in how the Culture can receive $$$, employment n investment into ANSTO the company who creates Nuclear Medicine in Lucas Heights NSW.

The Farmers The Landowners and City dwellers of SA hav been fighting this for 6-7yrs with State n Federal Govs. The best place to hold this Dump is at Lucas Heights as they received $60 million grant to extend ANSTO. Now Rowan Ramsay and the property owner of Napandee with the Mayor of Kimba are rubbing their hands together in bonuses of your well earned and Gst Taxes to start building in 4 years.

I live within the 50km limit though we and other neighbours on the borders of Kimba and in Wudinna didn’t have a say as well as the Barngarla Custodians have a vote. We meaning Mother Earth and those who have said NO seemed not to be heard.Please spread this to your friends and families of the Barngarla Culture of Eyre Peninsula.

December 6, 2021 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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