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Kimba residents who oppose the nuclear waste dump plan are not backing down.

Opposing residents refusing to back down on nuclear stance, Port Lincoln Times

No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land in Kimba or SA president Peter Woolford said he was disappointed in the announcement, but not surprised.

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow, because last week we were announced SA Ag Town of the Year, and now we’re the nuclear dump town,” he said.

“Ag is our big passion, it’s made Kimba, and will be a big factor influencing Kimba in future, so we’re standing up and opposing this because we want to protect what we have.”

Mr Woolford said he didn’t “subscribe to the theory” that the nuclear waste facility would be issue-free.

“We all take out insurance not because we know something is going to happen, but to protect against a potential risk if something does happen – this is no different,” he said.

He said the group would seek legal advice going forward to explore all avenues, potentially including a judicial review.

Retired Kimba farmer Peter McGilvray also opposes the choice and expected the community would remain divided on the issue.

“The damage is done. I came here in 1976 and was never going to leave, but this has pushed the button for me, and now I don’t plan on staying much longer,” he said.

Despite the criticism, Napandee site owner Jeff Baldock said the definitive decision was a step in the right direction for the town…..


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