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The week in nuclear news – Australia and more

Just when we thought it was safe to go out again, along comes the Omicron variant of Covid-19.  It’s almost comic, watching our (Australian) politicians twisting themselves into knots telling us to go out and rejoice, while the medical experts are more quietly advising us to wear masks and steer clear of crowds.Meanwhile more populous countries struggle with the sheer numbers of infections, and the load on health services.

While the pandemic swamps the news –  weather extremes keep happening.  

On the nuclear scene, all seems quiet, BUT, there’s something of a crisis brewing in France, where climate effects and aging technology are causing problems in nuclear power supply, cracks both real and symbolic, are appearing as Macron gallantly pushes for a new ‘nuclear renaissance’.

 What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 20 December,   Fauci warns Omicron COVID variant ‘raging through the world’       Top US infectious diseases expert warns hospitals in the country could face stresses in coming weeks as COVID-19 infections surge.

CLIMATE.  2021: when the link between the climate and biodiversity crises became clear.



Chris Hedges on the Execution of Julian Assange.   Classified Documents Invalidate United States‘ Appeal Against Assange — Richard Medhurst. The disgraceful case mounted against Assange by a corrupt U.S. Department of Justice and their hired guns in Britain.

Nuclear power’s economic failure – a ”renaissance in reverse”. Dr Jim Green dissects the hype surrounding Small ”Modular” Nuclear Reactors. Why Nuclear Power Is Bad for Your Wallet and the Climate.

Small nuclear reactors for military use would be too dangerous – excellent targets for the enemy.

15 minutes to save the world’: a terrifying Virtual Reality journey into the nuclear bunker.

Climate change has crashed Earth’s ”air – conditioners” – the North and South polesWarmer winters are happening across the globe.Adapting to climate change will only get more expensive 

  Nuclear Energy Can­not Meaningfully Contribute to a Climate-Neutral Energy System . Energy economics – getting the fuel -oil and nuclear -for continued expansion of capitalism – is costing more all the time.

Understanding cobalt’s human cost

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ constantly cycle through ground, air and water, study finds

Anti-5G’ necklaces are radioactive and dangerous, Dutch nuclear experts say.

Some bits of good news – 10 inspiring environmental victories of 2021 Don’t Look Up: A movie about climate change that is actually good

ANTARCTICAAn Antarctic glacier the size of Britain could ”shatter like a car windscreen” in the next 5 to 10 years. Humanity should not test whether Antarctica’s ice will hold out.

ARCTIC. U.N. sounds alarm bells over highest Arctic temperature on record. Fukushima toxins in Arctic add to pressure on Japan.

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