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Today: Media mesmerised by the glory of space research, unaware of its militarism and danger

Once again, ABC Radio National’s programme ”God Forbid” has provided a generally positive and approving discussion of space research and rocketry.  Once again, experts potificate , without the slightest mention that the main thrust of all this technology is devoted to military devices, nukes in space etc. (Not a mention of Australia’s latest venture – hypersonic missiles).

Elon Musk, potrayed as such a philanthropist, is very involved in the USA’s space warfare project.  These technocrats have no concept of genuine science, no understanding of the fragility of our ecosphere, including space. Just to give one example, one aspect –   the many thousands of satellites going up will eventuall produce light pollution in our skes, – with damaging effects on birds, bats, insects –   a huge part of the ecology on which we depend for life.  The ecological ignorance of these ”science gurus”, is surpassed only by their total disregard for the danger of nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons in space, and plutonium fuelled rockets. 


April 11, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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