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This week in nuclear news

 Some bits of good news .     Why the latest UN climate report is positive news .    New research shows planting trees and shrubs brings woodland birds back to farms, from superb fairy wrens to spotted pardalotes .    Climate change: greener lifestyles linked to greater happiness – in both rich and poor countries.  Annual bird count in UK gardens raises hopes for greenfinch .

Pandemic. It’s not as if the coronavirus has gone away – new sub-variants etc…

Climate. It’s not as if global heating has gone away.

Nuclear. While the Ukraine warseems to consume nearly all the news, there is a swamping of UK nuclear news at present. The mainstream media can be depended on for its usual regurgitation of handouts from the nuclear lobby, masquerading as news. All the same, there’s a surprising flow of information, even from conservative sources, warning that Boris Johnson”s nuclear energy dream looks like turning into a nightmare  –  useless against climate change, increasing the toxic waste problem, of dubious safety. and – shock horror – unaffordable.


FAST TRACK TO ARMAGEDDON — Declassified AustraliaAUKUS hypersonic announcement will ‘escalate global tensions’, warns CND. AUKUS in the hypersonic missile wonderlandAustralia’s contribution to global nuclear risks. Defence Dept blocks access to advice on location choice for Australia’s nuclear submarines base.       Small nuclear reactors for Australia– a sneaky way to lead to making Australia the world’s nuclear waste dump?

New cyclotron for Australia – to produce medical isotopes, with no need for dangerous nuclear reactor production. Why medical isotopes produced in cyclotrons are so much better than those produced in a nuclear reactor.

Conservation Council of Western Australia continues its long fight for the environment, and to stop uranium mining.

Angus Taylor’s latest intervention – renewables funding could be redirected to fossil fuels and nuclear.

The other half of the climate change debate – adaptation.

Federal budget: $160 million for nature may deliver only pork and a fudge,         Climate reality bursts PM’s election campaign bubbleTime’s up: why Australia has to quit stalling and wean itself off fossil fuels

High school student stands against Environment Minister in federal seatThe Greens: We’re eager to hold the balance of power

Latest IPCC report offers key lessons for Australia but is anyone listening?       Why renewables are key to Australia’s national security 

Stockton residents want solutions as waves whipped up by east coast lows erode their beach

Wittenoom is officially closed, but can it be cleaned up?


The choices: fight to the last Ukrainian, or choose Macron’s dialogue path.    In the midst of war in Ukraine, U.S. and NATO must de-escalate.       Questions Abound About Bucha Massacre.

Pundits Who Advocate Hot War With Russia Are Enemies Of Humanity.  World leaders must look to peaceful solutions, not more weaponsWho speaks for the world? — IPPNW peace and health blogl      Ukraine is ground zero for the expansion of the U.S.-Russia proxy war, (and the war industry is jubilant).   Nuclear missiles, bombs market to surge 73% by 2030, report says, industry worried that international treaties ”might hamper growth”.     ‘Most Dangerous Point in Human History’ Looming, Warns Noam Chomsky.

NATO is punishing China               U.S., NATO push Asia-Pacific bloc against Russia, China, with Ukraine as pretext.
Shortening the kill chain: nuclear-capable U.S. B-52s integrate with NATO Eastern flank states

Protecting the environment to reduce the risk of another pandemic

IPCC ‘s dire warning on climate change is being ignored, amid war and economic turmoil. IPCC new report coming, on limiting global heatingWorld on ‘fast track to climate disaster’, says UN secretary general – video
 We can still avert climate catastrophe – but there is barely time.

Almost everyone now breathing polluted air, warns WHO

Greenpeace maps Ukraine’s nuclear power risks. Zaporizhzhia is a wake-up call demonstrating the vulnerability of nuclear plants to deliberate acts of war.     Why Ukraine’s Nuclear Waste Is A Major Threat:

ANTARCTICA. New research links Antarctic ice loss to greenhouse gas emissions,

UKRAINE. Ending Ukraine’s suffering. The decision to negotiate this is up to Ukraine, not the USA.      Ukraine planning to resume control of Chernobyl nuclear site, as Russians withdraw.

Ukraine: Russian troops took Radioactive ‘souvenirs’ from Chernobyl, says agency Russian soldiers in Chernobyl ‘picked up radioactive material with barehands’ and contaminated inside of plant.  Over 70 Russian soldiers suffering from radiation exposure at Chernobyl nuclear site.

Greenpeace maps Ukraine’s nuclear power risks. Zaporizhzhia is a wake-up call demonstrating the vulnerability of nuclear plants to deliberate acts of war.     Why Ukraine’s Nuclear Waste Is A Major Threat:

Weapons, weapons and more weapons: Ukrainian FM welcomed at NATO headquarters


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