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Fukushima nuclear plant a success, and Australia should take in nuclear wastes, says Miranda Devine

Australia’s nuclear lobby is in full marketing mode, as the Japanese nuclear crisis deepens, and the world rethinks nuclear power. Australia has a pack of nuclear spindoctors.  Hard to name them all.  But , (in my spin doctors picture below ) how could I have left out Miranda Devine – who is excelling them all in her nuclear marketing hype? – Christina Macpherson

Nuclear energy was set its toughest test on the northeast coast of Japan, and it passed….Australia, of all places, should be at the vanguard of atomic energy and research….Australia becoming the world’s primary nuclear storage facility, since we can cheaply and safely store nuclear waste

How nuclear passed its toughest test Miranda Devine  The Daily Telegraph  March 24, 2011 FUKUSHIMA is the world’s best advertisement for nuclear energy Continue reading

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Uranium conference in Adelaide hears govt enthusiasm for nuclear power

Key MPs back expansion of nuclear industry in South Australia | Adelaide Now,  Christopher Russell and Sarah Martin,  March 22, 2011 TWO senior Rann Government ministers have backed the expansion of Australia’s nuclear industry.Former treasurer Kevin Foley yesterday said Australia should embrace nuclear power. Continue reading

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Ziggy says nuclear power is the only way for Australia

Nuclear energy ‘the only answer’ World News Australia, 20 March 11, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation chief Dr Ziggy Switkowski told the the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.symposium, which kicked off on Monday, that Australia should build 50 nuclear power stations by 2050……. “We should plan to have our first reactor up and running by 2020 and then go for a fleet as large as 50 reactors by 2050 producing 75 gigawatts of electricity,” Dr Switkowski said… Nuclear energy ‘the only answer’ : World News Australia on SBS

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Investment advice “be greedy” about uranium stocks

Uranium woes woo takeover talk * Robin Bromby * From: The Australian * March 18, 2011

BE greedy where others are fearful – that’s the advice Fat Prophets sent out to its clients today.

The immediate object of FP’s affections is Paladin Energy (PDN) which has taken a body blow this week like other uranium stocks. The investment firm sees the company as a potential Chinese takeover target as it has its operating mines in Namibia and Malawi, which means the Australian government would not be involved in deciding the ownership of those mines…….

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Spinowski, Angwins, Atkinson, Borschoff desperately spinning uranium industry

There is a lot of money riding on the optimists winning the argument over the pessimists.

BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine, the world’s biggest uranium mine, is scheduled for an expansion that could cost 30-50 billion Australian dollars. With the spot price of uranium back where it was in 2009, BHP would be taking a big gamble that nuclear power is here to stay.

ANALYSIS: Australia’s battered uranium miners talk up their prospects – Monsters and Critics, 19 March 11, “……….Ziggy Switkowski, Australia’s foremost nuclear physicist, admits these are trying times for industry lobbyists…….He has not lost faith in the science and believes the industry will bounce back within the year. Continue reading

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Nuclear power “clean, inexpensive” says Northern Territory News

Any move from nuclear power …..would harm the NT’s uranium mining industry

Nuclear still power option NT News 18 March 11 Hopefully, there will not be a loss of faith in nuclear energy following the Japanese disaster. It is a clean, inexpensive form of power Continue reading

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Cameco’s managing director enthusiastic about race to mine uranium in Western Australia

Reilly said. “There will be lessons learned from the events in Japan, and the market may take a breather. But the long-term fundamentals, we believe, are very strong.”…Kintyre’s approvals timeline pits Cameco against several other companies – including BHP Billiton – aiming to develop Western Australia’s first uranium mine.

Cameco pushes on with Australian uranium plans The Australian,  Stephen Bell   March 17, 2011 CAMECO Corp will push ahead with plans to gain approvals for its Kintyre uranium project in Western Australia by 2013, despite doubts over long-term demand for the nuclear fuel following radiation leaks at reactors in eartquake-hit Japan. Continue reading

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Nuclear energy future, Fukushima safe, says Borshoff of Paladin uranium company

Mr Borshoff has also defended the safety of nuclear power and, in particular, the plant at Fukushima

Uranium miner slams nuclear ‘media frenzy’ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).  Elysse Morgan  Mar 17, 2011 The chief executive of one of Australia’s biggest uranium miners, Paladin, has slammed the media and share traders for their treatment of nuclear focused businesses in the wake of the Japanese earthquake.

Shares in the company plunged 33 per cent in trade over Monday and Tuesday, recovered a little on Wednesday and are now on the slide again, down 6.8 per cent to $3.45 by 3:25pm (AEDT)…….. Continue reading

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Cameco confident on uranium market’s future

Investor interest will eventually return,…..CEO Jerry Grandey said that he did not anticipate “significant direct effects on Cameco’s business in the short or long-term…….The uranium we are selling today fuels existing reactors that continue to operate, safely’’

Flicker of hope for uranium miners, The Age, Barry FitzGeraldMarch 16, 2011

The big three of ASX-listed uranium stocks – Paladin (ASX:PDN), Extract (ASX:EXT) and Energy Resources of Australia (ASX:ERA………….There are some real doubts that the world needs the sort of growth in uranium supplies that was underpinning the fancy market values of those companies already in production (like Paladin and ERA), or those with a big world-class deposit that would get in to production before long (like Extract). Continue reading

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Pro nuclear marketers don’t want to understand Risk Management

This guy, Patrick Mckenzie, doesn’t seem to have any clue about Risk Management.  In risk management you weigh up 2 things:

1. the probability of an accident

2 the likely consequences of the accident

In the case of nuclear power, the probability of an accident is very slight, but the likely consequences are huge.  That is why insurance companies will not insure nuclear plants.

Let’s keep the Japanese earthquake in perspective, The Age, Patrick McKenzieMarch 16, 2011 “…..There is a lot of panicked reporting about the problems with Tokyo Electric’s nuclear power generation plants in Fukushima……The tremendous public unease over nuclear power shouldn’t be allowed to overpower the conclusion: nuclear energy, in all the years leading to the crisis and continuing during it, is absurdly safe.


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Barry Brook reassures Australians that the Fukushima nuclear plant is safe

The plant is safe now and will stay safe……If you want to stay informed, please forget the usual media outlets

Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a Simple and Accurate Explanation, Brave New Climate, Barry Brook, 13 March 2011, [Barry Brook quotes Josef Oehmen, a PhD Scientist, whose father has extensive experience in Germany’s nuclear industry.] Continue reading

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Australian uranium companies optimistic about future

Paladin supplies uranium to American and Asian nuclear plants, and while it has several exploration projects in Australia and Canada, he said the Japanese incident was ”hardly likely” to affect the business.

”It’s not going to have much significance in the long term,” he said……. Mr Crabb said it was ”ghoulish” and ”inappropriate” for anti-nuclear campaigners to be using the Japanese incident for political purposes…baser instincts, such as fear, may have a larger bearing on the market

Reactor reaction wipes $1.5bn from uranium holdings Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Ker March 15, 2011

MORE than $1.5 billion was wiped off the value of uranium stocks yesterday as the market reacted savagely to the nuclear crisis unfolding in Japan.

As explosions rocked Japan’s ailing Fukushima nuclear plant, the market seemed convinced the incident would harm ambitions for uranium to play a bigger role in energy production around the world. Continue reading

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Ziggy spins: Japan accident will lead to safe nuclear reactors

EVEN IN EARTHQUAKE ZONES, NUCLEAR POWER IS STILL A SAFE OPTION THE AUSTRALIAN, Ziggy Switkowski, 14 March 11,  “…..If core cooling can be satisfactorily restored, then in the best case local residents could return to their homes in days.

Engineers have taken extraordinary steps to get coolant to the reactor of most concern, flooding the core with seawater…….. the combination of venting and seawater flushing should stabilise the situation in the days ahead….We will learn from the tragic Japanese experience how to build more robust reactors, how to ensure multiple layers of protection work properly, how to better contain radioactive gases.

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Australia keen to sell uranium to Middle East, never mind the unrest there

“Doesn’t matter whether you’re a Communist dictatorship or a Middle Eastern Emirate” … “it seems Australia is more than happy to do the bidding of the uranium mining companies….a bad time to start selling uranium to the Middle East, given the unrest sweeping the area.”

Australia may sell uranium to UAE, Ipswich Queensland Times, Adam Gartrell,  9th March 2011 .Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said the move was “profoundly unhelpful” to global non-proliferation efforts. AUSTRALIA is paving the way to sell uranium to the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading

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Western Australian minister touting for uranium mining investment from Canadians

Moore’s next stop before hitting PDAC will be Saskatchewan where, at the invitation of uranium miner Cameco, he will tour one of that company’s uranium mines.

Western Australia minister stops in Vancouver to sell Canadians on mining Down Under By Derrick Penner, Vanouver Sun March 4, 2011 “……”Australia has almost a two-speed economy,” Moore said. “Those [states] that have large resource projects are going gangbusters at the moment whereas other states that rely more on manufacturing are pretty flat.” Continue reading

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