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Oblivious of world trends, Australia’s nuclear marketeers hype on

Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam says the Minister is underestimating the impact of this year’s nuclear disaster in Japan….”The nuclear industry’s been going backwards. They’ve closed more reactors than they’ve opened since 2002.”

Uranium exports predicted to quadruple ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Jun 10, 2011  An independent analyst has supported a statement by the Federal Government that Australian uranium exports could quadruple in the next 20 years.The Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson, made the statement during this week’s AusIMM uranium conference in Perth….

Get ready for nuclear, Sydney Morning Herald, Mark Hawthorne, June 11, 2011
  WITH energy needs, carbon pricing and the tragic events at Fukushima firmly on the agenda, Andy Lloyd walked into Media House this week to deliver a Lowy Institute lecture on Australian attitudes to nuclear power.

Lloyd is chief development officer for uranium with Rio Tinto and, despite the tragedy at Fukushima, had a clear message – unless we are willing to pay more, nuclear power will have to play a major role in Australia’s future energy mix …….”I am not advocating a start on nuclear power today, but we need the foundations for a nuclear future.”

Erica SmythNuclear power should also be considered for Australia, she says.”We have good, stable geology, we have the right sort of environment, particularly on the east coast,”

 – Female trailblazer Erica Smyth still fired up * Matt Chambers   The Australian *June 13, 2011

“……Smyth, 59, is now a professional director, with one of her roles being chairwoman at uranium explorer and developer Toro Energy…… Continue reading

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Australia’s mining industry to promote itself again with $multimillion advertising

Miners dig in to improve image,The Age Clare Kermond, Lucy Battersby.June 10, 2011 THE mining sector is ramping up its new multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, expected to run for the next three years, aimed at improving the industry’s public image. A second wave of ads about the industry’s contribution to the nation is due for release soon, with three already in rotation….

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Australia’s nuclear salesmen at Canadian “clean” energy talks

Australian scientists tops in international  talks about CLEAN ENERGY .  Sounds great, doesn’t it?   But what are these talks, and who are Australia’s scientific representatives?

Well, the (poorly attended) talks were in Canada, (another uranium producing country), and of Australia’s four representatives, two  look very like nuclear salesmen.

There’s Barry Brook, well known nuclear power enthusiast, and Robin Batterham, formerly of giant uranium mining company, Rio Tinto

Fortunately the other two have more believable credentials on clean energy.- Christina Macpherson

Aussie scientists dominate global energy talks ABC News By Sara Phillips, Jun 7, 2011 Australian scientists represent almost a quarter of invited guests at an international energy conference that aims to “reboot the global dialogue on energy”. The Equinox Summit 2030 in Waterloo, Canada has gathered 17 international experts in energy generation, storage and distribution to map a path to a clean energy future.

With the world in dire need of an alternative to fossil fuels to prevent further climate changing greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, the race is on to develop and roll out cleaner technologies. Continue reading

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Australia’s nuclear salesmen dream on, in secluded comfort in Perth hotel

In the safe and comfortable ambience of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, the nuclear salesmen dream on.

Nuclear reactor by 2022, uranium body says, Sydney Morning Herald, Josh Jerga June 8, 2011 Australia should try to get its first electricity generating nuclear reactor up by 2022, despite the Fukushima nuclear plant accident in Japan, the head of the Australian Uranium Association says.

Michael Angwin, CEO of the AUA, told an International Uranium Conference in Perth on Wednesday he was puzzled why the country was debating a carbon price without talking about…….

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Toro talks up uranium, as its shares slump

UP AND ATOM Sydney Morning Herald, Colin Kruger June 7, 2011 Human catastrophe and financial markets are never a pretty mix. Just ask the uranium explorer Toro Energy, which dedicated yesterday’s shareholder update to clearing the air on some of the ”sensationalist” media coverage of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident.

Toro’s concern is understandable. Its share price nose-dived after the incident and the stock is retracing recent lows following Germany’s promise to close down all its nuclear facilities by 2022.

The company says ”a sequence of extraordinary forces unleashed by an unprecedented natural disaster” caused the accident at the reactors, ”not an operating failure, human error or design fault of the reactors themselves”.

Your columnist feels safer already.

”The lessons learnt from this incident will make nuclear power even safer than its already impressive record would attest,” the company says, while noting that the precautionary radiation checks provided ”plenty of sensationalist film footage” for the media and anti-nuclear groups.

It was not enough to cheer up its share price yesterday. The stock continued its slide, closing 0.3¢ lower at 8¢…

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Ziggy Switkowski enthuses about Australia buying Chinese nuclear reactors

“When we are ready to get involved in nuclear power, we will look in a catalogue, pick up the phone and place an order on a Chinese vendor, who will deliver it at a price that we can afford,” Mr Switkowski told a Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Chinese nuke plants could power Australia,   Sydney Morning Herald, May 18, 2011 It will soon be possible for Australia to import nuclear power plants made in China, a nuclear policy expert says. Continue reading

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ERA talks up Ranger uranium mine, despite floods, share price fall

 …… Energy Resources itself has also been under siege, with accusations that it may be lax in environmental monitoring during its operational suspension. 

fears were raised over pollution leaks from the Ranger mine, and it was accused of allowing 100 000 litres of contaminated water to seep from its tailings dam….

A NEW ERA FOR ERA, Australian Mining    10 May 2011 “……Rio Tinto’s Energy Resources Australia (ERA) has stated that it believes there is an additional 34 000 tonnes of high grade uranium oxide underneath its existing open pit at the Ranger mine, near Jabiru in the Northern Territory. According to the miner, exploratory drilling at its 3 Deeps project is set to increase the life of the mine.This is despite the world’s fourth largest uranium producer’s suspension on its operations.

…… A total of 2 490 millilitres of rain has inundated the mine since September last year, the wettest period it has seen since recoding 2 527 millilitres of rainfall in 2006/07. This rainfall also flooded out Energy Resources’ Pit 3, essentially forming a pit lake. Due to this, Energy Resources Australia does not expect to obtain access to the high grade ore at Pit 3 until much later this year. Continue reading

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Australia’s uranium marketing frenzy continues

Australia pushes nuclear exports, Al Jazeera, 6 May 2011

Nuclear power ‘not so bad’, says Woodside chief, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 may 2011  THE outgoing chief executive of the energy giant Woodside, Don Voelte, has backed the call by the chairman of Rio Tinto for Australia to embrace nuclear power.

They have not publicly lodged further submissions to the State Energy Initiative directions paper, due today.   –    WA’s chief industry groups lobby for a nuclear future,  –  WA Today, Courtney TrenwithMay 6, 2011 – Western Australia’s two chief business lobby groups support calls for nuclear energy in the state…. Continue reading

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South Australia putting all its eggs into uranium basket?

the proposed $21 billion Olympic Dam mine expansion as a future prospect……..”It is expected BHP Billiton will say yes in early 2012 despite the potential for recent developments to affect the future of Japan’s nuclear energy sector – then it would become the world’s largest mine,” the report says. “These prospects shimmer in the future.”

State’s future in mining just became brighter, Greg Kelton , The Advertiser, April 27, 2011 SOUTH Australia will one day be “a titan of the global resource landscape” but is fighting to keep manufacturing jobs, an economic report says. Continue reading

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Fukushima, not the NT govt, is killing the uranium industry

The uranium mining industry is out of step with public opinion, and with the realities  of the collapsing uranium market.

The Northern Territory is the heart of Australia’s tourist industry.  The last thing it needs is to have a dirty, uneconomic market flop of a uranium mine – damaging its natural environment, and killing the tourist industry.

It’s not the Northern Territory govt that is stopping investment in uranium mining –  it’s the unfolding Fukushima nuclear disaster. – Christina Macpherson

Uranium mine resistance ‘sends bad message’  ABC The Minerals Council of Australia says the Northern Territory Government’s decision to oppose a mine near Alice Springs will deter the industry from investing……. “It send a very bad message to the industry and paints the NT in a very poor light.”…

Uranium mine resistance ‘sends bad message’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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South Australian Premier STILL touting uranium industry

Progress toward Roxby mining expansion welcomed ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Mar 31, 2011 Premier Mike Rann says a feasibility study marks a significant step toward expansion of Olympic Dam mining in outback South Australia. Continue reading

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Barry Brook reassures on the future of the nuclear industry

Professor Barry Brook, the director of Climate Science at Australian University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, said that the crisis will lead international governments to improved measures to protect nuclear plants against extreme natural events, but is unlikely to cut down the use of nuclear power…..”I think overtime people will become more understanding of small risk and big benefits that nuclear brings,”

Japan’s nuclear crisis is mainly public panic, not radiation risk: Australian expert By Vienna MaCANBERRA, March 26 (Xinhua) Japan’s nuclear crisis was mainly public panic, not radiation risk, an Australian expert told Xinhua, expressing optimism over the future development of international nuclear industry. Continue reading

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Australia touted as global centre for uranium industry

in WA  last week the state Labor Party announced it would review its anti-nuclear stance, with a report due to be released in June………nuclear power and the uranium industry is not going to be hit as hard as many thought even a fortnight ago.

Uranium watch shows the future is still nuclear, Sydney Morning Herald James KirbyMarch 27, 2011 “..….Australia is a global centre of uranium production. Continue reading

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Gladstone “ideal” for Australia’s first nuclear power plant

Chairman backs nuclear power |Gladstone Observer, 26 March 11, NUCLEAR power is a crucial ingredient in Australia’s energy future, says Everald Compton, chairman of the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor.“I am a total believer in the fact this country should have nuclear power,” he said yesterday.Speaking at the Region of Choice Summit in Gladstone, Mr Compton said Australia was well-positioned to establish nuclear power plants.
He said Gladstone could be an ideal region to act as pioneer, although he acknowledged it would take somebody “courageous” to campaign for the move towards nuclear……Chairman backs nuclear power | Gladstone News | Local News in Gladstone | Gladstone Observer

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Fukushima shows success of nuclear – says Ziggy Spinowski

……That the plant remains largely intact is extraordinary….there is no report of a nuclear-related fatality nor any case of radiation sickness from exposure to elevated radioactivity……media coverage of this nuclear crisis has taught Australians more about the nuclear fuel cycle,…nuclear power remains the best and only option.

Japan crisis teaches much about value of nuclear Ziggy Switkowski  Herald Sun * March 25, 2011 WHY build nuclear power stations in Japan? Because that’s where the people are – 126 million in a habitable area smaller than Victoria. Continue reading

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