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Continued secrecy, denial, about radiological warfare

atom-uran-1Before the Bomb – book review – On Line Opinion, by Noel Wauchope¬† – 9/11/2009 Where do we go, to find out about the radiological effects of atomic weapons?We usually seek out the rather patchy and incomplete stories of the victims – those at the “receiving end” of bombing, at Hiroshima, or of the atomic tests of Nevada, of Mururoa, Montebello, Maralinga. These have been covered in several books.But, how much was known about these radiological effects before the Bomb?

Here, at last, is the book that answers this question. And Paul Langley’s book The Prediction of the Radiological Effects of Atomic Bombs From Knowledge Published Prior to August 1945 answers it with evidence in forensic detail, a plenitude of exact primary documentary evidence, including digital evidence available on the Internet.

This is also a book that raises questions: questions that matter very much right now. Today, World War II veterans, Pacific Islanders, Navajo people and Australian Aborigines seek acknowledgment and justice for their diseases from exposure to radiation. Iraqi doctors and communities, and US, Canadian and UK Gulf War veterans claim health damage from depleted uranium. Where is the truth?…………..

It is an Australian shame that recognition has not been given to aboriginal victims. The reaction of Australian authorities has been a record of “lies, denial, racial taunts and suppression of evidence.” In Project Sunshine’s calculations of exposure dose to Australians, two population groups were excluded. These were: Aborigines living in remote areas around the bomb test sites, and the soldiers and others involved in the tests. In other words the two most affected groups.

A later health study continued to exclude the Aborigines, ignoring the testimony of survivors, their memory of the “Black Mist”, and even of those with Beta burns. Secrecy surrounded the investigation. Professor Ernest Titterton, Chairman of the Australian Atomic Weapons Test Safety Committee, kept project information from the Committee. As he stated “I was subject to American control on information.”


Before the Bomb – book review – On Line Opinion – 9/11/2009

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Review: BHP under scrutiny, ANSTO rigs poll


a-cat-CANAustralia. Lucas Heights nuclear waste has to be returned to Australia; Rudd govt pretty sure to dump it on aboriginal land. China buying up big into Australian uranium mining. S.A. govt very little restriction likely for Marathon’s uranium mining in Arkaroola, and no obligation for Four Mile to clean up after u-mining ends. . Melbourne and Perth protest rallies mark BHP’s AGM. ANSTO caught out crookedly rigging opinion poll.

International. Iran avoids international agreement to prevent it developing nuclear weapons.
US Hanford nuclear workers to be compensated for their cancers. Alternative annual report launched for BHP Billiton’s AGM. Iraq now seeking to have nuclear power. French nuclear plant has critical buildup of plutonium. – the week that has been

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Radiation chemical spill at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

safety-symbolStaff not evacuated after spill at Lucas Heights¬† THE AUSTRALIAN October 21, 2009 Australian Associated Press OPERATORS at Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor were not evacuated after a radiation chemical spill, a Senate committee has heard. An internal audit conducted by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation found safety procedures were breached in August 2008 after a vial of molybdenum 99 – used in the production of nuclear medicine – was dislodged.

Asked by Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam if the molybdenum was left unreported for three hours, ANSTO chief executive Adi Paterson said the organisation’s report had referred to this incident………..

A spokesman for Senator Ludlam said that if safety procedures could not be followed at Australia’s nuclear reactor, “God help” Australia if ANSTO was put in charge of a full scale nuclear power facility.

Staff not evacuated after spill at Lucas Heights | The Australian

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