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Australian Aboriginals audio: No to Nuclear Waste Dump at Muckaty

Censored news,, 20 March 2010

Australian Aboriginals Audio: No to Nuclear Dump at Muckaty

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)
Nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory (2 Mar 10)
Audio from Public meeting
Beyond Nuclear Initiative’s weblog: New audio uploaded
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Nuclear waste problem likely to end the ‘nuclear renaissance’

ANALYSIS – Toxic waste weighs on revival of nuclear industry  Reuters, by Ayesha Rascoe, 17 March 2010, “…LEGAL LIABILITY ANOTHER ISSUE Nuclear power producers also have to grapple with the legal liabilities of owning waste. The Energy Department was supposed to take ownership of waste in 1998, but that has not happened

Utilities “don’t like the idea of this long-term liability over which they really have no control,” said Robert Fri of Resources for the Future.

With no place for the used fuel to go, the nuclear waste has to stay on site even when plants are shut down. There are about 14 shut-down reactors where waste remains at the site.

Dealing with technical and legal issues will not be easy. But the biggest obstacle for the new commission will most likely be overcoming political opposition.

ANALYSIS – Toxic waste weighs on revival of nuclear industry | Business News | Reuters

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Australians don’t believe Martin Ferguson’s claims on safety of uranium to Russia

Australia exports uranium with no requirement for IAEA inspections to take place.

Can Russia be trusted with our uranium? Sydney Morning Herald, JIM GREEN, March 22, 2010 A 2005 survey of 1200 Australians found that 56% of us believe that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s nuclear ‘safeguards’ system is ineffective. Barely half as many believe the system is effective. Continue reading

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Taiwan’s antinuclear activists show the way in stopping nuclear power

For now, Taiwan’s anti-nuclear forces are focused on opposing any plans for a nuclear dumping ground.

Asia’s nuclear dilemma, Global Post, by Jonathon Adams, 21 March 2010 “…Taiwan’s activists have successfully slowed, if not stopped, the island’s nuclear expansion. Continue reading

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Australia’s grassroots Climate Action movement to focus on green jobs

June 5, World Environment Day, was adopted as a national day of climate action,

Climate Action Summit 2010: A step forward Green Left,   Ewan Saunders, 21 March 2010Three hundred climate activists participated in Australia’s second national Climate Action Summit in Canberra on March 13-15, marking an important step forward for the grassroots climate movement in this country…………. Continue reading

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‘Baseload’ power planned for Australia, in huge solar energy plant

Cobra Energy Eyes $1 Billion Solar Power Plant For Australia – Ecofriend, Mar 19 2010, Eco Factor: Massive solar power plant designed to generate 250MW of energy.Cobra Energy has unveiled plans to develop a massive $1 billion solar power plant in Australia that will be able to generate up to 250MW of renewable electric power. Continue reading

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China aiming to be world leader in renewable energy

China – A Powerhouse in Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy World, March 21, 2010, “China missed the first industrial revolution, missed the computer revolution, and the biology revolution – they want to be a leader in the green revolution.” And indeed, China is now the third largest producer in the wind power market and one of the fastest-growing in domestic wind installations. For the fourth consecutive year, China has more than doubled its wind installations.

And offshore wind, a technology with a great deal of sex appeal, is yet another story.   China installed its first major offshore wind farm near Shanghai and is 9th in the world as far as total offshore capacity……..China is also the world leader in PV manufacturing and production –

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