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Secret history of Maralinga nuclear bomb tests

text-from-the-archivesThe half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years. At this rate of decay, the Maralinga secret-agent-Austlands would be contaminated for the next half-million years.…..A variety of factors underlay the harm to public health, Aboriginal culture and the natural environment which the British tests entailed. Perhaps most significant was the secrecy surrounding the testing program….There seems little doubt that the secrecy in which the entire testing program was cloaked served British rather than Australian interests…..Information passed to Australian officials was kept to the minimum necessary to facilitate their assistance in the conduct of the testing program. The use of plutonium in the minor trials was not disclosed……

A toxic legacy : British nuclear weapons testing in Australia, Australian Institute of Criminology. “…… Three days after the conclusion of the Totem trials, the Australian government was formally advised of British desires to establish a permanent testing site in Australia. In August 1954, the Australian Cabinet agreed to the establishment of a permanent testing ground at a site that became named Maralinga, Continue reading

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Australians have been deceived about global Climate Change action

There’s a lot happening out there in the world that Australians have been deceived about by the “the world isn’t acting, Australia shouldn’t lead” line. It’s a blatant lie and one that should be completely shattered by the time the Cancun negotiations are over, so we can get on with setting an effective carbon price as the Government’s number one priority in 2011.

C’mon Aussie c’mon…. seriously, c’mon!!!! Crikey  November 30, 2010 – 9:55 pm, by Anna Rose.…………….After the UN talks in Copenhagen a year ago, we saw a concerted effort from Tony Abbott and his climate denier cronies to create an attitude in the community that the rest of the world wasn’t acting on climate change. This couldn’t be further from the truth Continue reading

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Global renewable energy – China is the leader

“The level of wind energy being deployed in China shows what can be achieved with a carefully planned energy and industrial policy that elevates cleantech to a national strategic level,”

China secures the lead in renewable energy –, BEIJING, 1 Dec. 10 — China is now the leader in the global renewable energy market, a report by Ernst & Young says. Continue reading

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Nuclear energy not economic for Australia, says Gillard

“The Labor Party has got a very clear policy here and it’s a really long standing policy of opposition to nuclear power,” she told 3AW……Ms Gillard said that in Australia “nuclear power doesn’t stack up as an economically efficient source of power”….We are very focused on our record investment in solar and renewable technologies. We’ve got abundant energy from those sources.”

Julia Gillard plays down nuclear power push   Joe Kelly and Lauren Wilson    The Australian * December 01, 2010 JULIA Gillard has played down a push by senior Labor MPs for an inquiry into nuclear power, saying it’s not an economically efficient source of energy. Continue reading

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Ethics and Australia’s fight against nuclear power – theme for December

It is easiest to just adopt the good old “she’ll be right, mate” attitude, and to ignore the push for the nuclear fuel cycle in Australia. After all, some Australian make money out of uranium, and who cares if other countries make bombs out of it?

It’s also easy to please the powers that be, and go along with BHP Billiton etc, and   Australian politicians in the drive for the nuclear fuel cycle here.

But, it takes courage to stand up for the environment, health, peace, against the push. Most courageous of all, the Aboriginal people who make this stand – against the propaganda, bribery, and threats of the pro-nuclear push.

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Victorian election – not a good result for Climate Change action

Mr Baillieu has said he will abandon Labor’s plan for a staged closure of the Hazelwood coal power station….and introducing tougher planning regulations that would prevent wind turbines being erected in tourist areas…..

Coalition has explaining to do on climate targets, The Age, Adam Morton, November 30, 2010“……….Environment Victoria, the state’s main green lobby group, said there were many gaps in the new government’s environment and climate policy stance as it had not outlined its full plans before the election as promised. Continue reading

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World must face the truth on Climate Change

As the world discusses mitigating climate change at the UN climate conference in Cancun, starting today, what is really needed is for the world to face the truth, which may then foster our capacity to act……

Do we have the mindset to save the planet? UN Climate Change Conference In Cancun, The Age Lyn Bender, November 29, 2010 Where were you when you first realised that climate change was happening? Were you caught up in the horror of the worst bushfires in Victoria’s history on Black Saturday 2009?
Or moved by images of distraught parents in the aftermath of record monsoons that had flooded Pakistan? Continue reading

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Hard to get serious articles on climate change in THE AUSTRALIAN

the difficulties of having stories published [in THE AUSTRALIAN] about climate change because of the attitude of and pressure from senior editors at the paper.

The ‘torture’ of writing about climate change at The Oz, Crikey, by Andrew Dodd 26 Nov 10 A former senior News Limited journalist has described trying to write about human-induced climate change at The Australian newspaper as “torture” and has blamed the editor-in-chief for limiting coverage on the topic because he has “taken a political view”. Continue reading

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Push to call nuclear power ‘RENEWABLE” for Australia

Sawyer suggests the MRET [ mandatory renewable energy target]scheme cover nuclear power to the years out to 2050, rising, for example, to 30 per cent by 2030, 40 per cent by 2040 and 50 per cent by 2050 so that by 2050 Australia will have 25 nuclear reactors.

PM, blow apart the Greens Janet Albrechtsen The Australian November 24, 2010……….In a letter to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, long-time ALP member Phil Sawyer sets out a …  great idea. “the simple declaration that the MRET [mandatory renewable energy target] legislation will be changed to recognise nuclear energy as a carbon-free source of power. ….. Continue reading

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Australia’s nuclear lobby steps up the spin, in fear of renewables’ success

The nuclear lobby fears the success of renewable energy. This is a pressing reason for stepping up nuclear spin in Australia today.

The cheerleader of pro-nuclear, anti-renewables spin is THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper. Their “environment editor” Graham Lloyd, is more of an Anti Environment editor. Today’s edition (27 Nov) has no less than three articles promoting nuclear power, and rubbishing wind energy.

We have  foot-soldiers of nuclear spin  – Jennifer Marohasy, Janet Albrechtsen, Martin Nicholson, Tom Biegler and Barry Brook getting coverage in the mainstream media.  And even Australian Radiation Protection Society getting lectures on how we need nuclear powered submarines, and the” ideal of having a national nuclear industry”

Minister for Resources, Martin Ferguson launched a technical paper that portrays nuclear power as an economic option for Australia

Internationally, papers are appearing on the theme of ionising radiation  being “good for you”.

The nuclear lobby has very little time, (with most nuclear reactors soon reaching their close-down date) to  market its product against its popular and fast-developing competitors – renewable energy and energy efficiency. – Christina Macpherson

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Nuclear test soldiers used as guinea pigs for radiation studies

It was decided the Armed Forces would be used as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ in order to discover the effects radiation would have on the Human Body…..The experiment was not concluded at the end of the testing of the nuclear devices! It is still ongoing.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRITISH NUCLEAR TESTS,  Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog,  by Dave Whyte One of the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ 26 Nov 10,
After WWII the British Government decided they would develop their own nuclear deterrent and made plans to conduct the tests at remote areas in Australia and the Pacific Continue reading

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See the latest on renewable energy for Australia

Energy Matters Video News – Episode 19 – November 25, 2010 In this episode, Virginia covers covers solar power vs. coal and land use, the Clean Energy Council backs Brumby, 5.7 million dollars in funding for a Queensland solar farm and the Victorian Greens pledge to divert funds from coal to renewable energy. Energy Matters Video News – Episode 19 – November 25, 2010 : Renewable Energy News :

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Australia 2011

Clean Energy Australia 2011 2 8 Feb – 2 Mar, 2011 Hilton SydneyStreet: 488 George StreetCity: Sydney Welcome to Clean Energy Australia 2011 – Asia Pacific’s premier clean energy event.Clean Energy Australia focuses on generation strategy, efficiency and commercial outcomes. Discover the business case for investing in clean energy. Continue reading

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UK govt website promotes community renewable energy projects

Dubbed Community Energy Online, the new site offers local authorities and community groups detailed advice and case studies demonstrating how to select and deliver local low-carbon and renewable energy projects.

Coalition calls on ‘big society’ to embrace small energy New Community Energy Online web site to provide guidance on how to deliver local renewables projects, BusinessGreen, By James Murray25 Nov Continue reading

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Australia’s fossil fuel energy was kept artificially cheap

In a sense, even solar power rebates and incentives are really still just fossil fuel subsidies. It’s a puzzling situation and akin to a snake eating its own tail. The solar subsidies exist in part to combat the effects of fossil fuel subsidies that keep those polluting fuels artificially cheap. It’s a curious and confusing form of fossil fuel double dipping.

The Cheap Energy Era That Wasn’t, Renewable Energy News, 25 Nov 10 “…….An issue often overlooked is the real reason why solar power needs to be subsidised at all. All the effort and resources that have gone into propping up polluting fossil fuel industries for decades have been at the expense of clean, renewable energy technologies that have been kept on the outer……….. Continue reading

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