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On Renewable Energy: False Claims by Switkowski Report and the Nuclear Lobby

The promoters of nuclear power claim that we have to choose between coal and nuclear, that there is no alternative. This is a false choice, between BHP-Billiton and … BHP-Billiton.

Nuclear power: no solution to climate change, Green Left, quoting Mark Diesendorf , 17 April 2010 “………The 2006 Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review, chaired by Dr Switkowski..  claimed that “nuclear power is the least-cost low-emission technology that can provide baseload power”. However, there was no basis in the report for such a gratuitous statement, which was outside the terms of reference of the report. Continue reading

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Uranium poisoning of Native Americans’ land

Native America, Discovered and Conquered » Blog Archive » American Indians and uranium poisoning In what  might be an example of environmental and economic racism, I believe that more than 50% of the uranium mining in the United States occurs on tribal lands. Tribal lands make up only 1% of the land mass in the lower 48 states. I just heard very disturbing evidence presented on very serious and very significant cancer clusters on the Navajo Nation reservation blamed on water and land contaminated with uranium tailings.Watch this video complied from a conference held on the Hopi Nation in November 2009 about this issue.

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