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Secret history of Maralinga nuclear bomb tests

text-from-the-archivesThe half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years. At this rate of decay, the Maralinga secret-agent-Austlands would be contaminated for the next half-million years.…..A variety of factors underlay the harm to public health, Aboriginal culture and the natural environment which the British tests entailed. Perhaps most significant was the secrecy surrounding the testing program….There seems little doubt that the secrecy in which the entire testing program was cloaked served British rather than Australian interests…..Information passed to Australian officials was kept to the minimum necessary to facilitate their assistance in the conduct of the testing program. The use of plutonium in the minor trials was not disclosed……

A toxic legacy : British nuclear weapons testing in Australia, Australian Institute of Criminology. “…… Three days after the conclusion of the Totem trials, the Australian government was formally advised of British desires to establish a permanent testing site in Australia. In August 1954, the Australian Cabinet agreed to the establishment of a permanent testing ground at a site that became named Maralinga, Continue reading

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Aborigines, unions voice anger at BHP Billiton’s uranium mining plans

“The WA mining industry, and BHP in particular, has a poor worker safety record and uranium mining poses even greater health risks as uranium mine workers are exposed to radiation from the ore itself and from the inhalation of radon gas,”

Anger at BHP’s Yeelirrie uranium project  Perth Now Russell Quinn & Rebecca Lawson,  November 16, 2010 BHP Billiton has met with opposition from traditional owners over the development of the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine at its annual general meeting in Perth today. Continue reading

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India’s anti-nuclear protestors arrested

nearly 3,000 people staged protests and were picked up by police…., a 14-member expert appraisal committee for nuclear projects visited Madban. The committee, which was under heavy police escort, did not meet any of the local villagers.

Protest against Jaitapur nuclear power project, The Hindu, 31 Oct 10, Hundreds of villagers on Friday staged a silent protest against the Jaitapur nuclear power project in Ratnagiri district Continue reading

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Carbon offset scheme can be an economic winner for Australia’s Aborigines

Centrefarm has urged the Government to make new laws to enshrine Aboriginal ownership of the carbon stored on their land.

Carbon offset scheme aims to use Indigenous land – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Alex Johnson and Paul Serratore  Oct 26, 2010 A not-for-profit group in Central Australia is establishing a scheme to encourage Australians to offset their carbon emissions on Indigenous land. Continue reading

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Uranium injustice – AREVA’s history in Niger

Besides alleged bribes made to Tuareg rebels, Areva was also criticised by several NGOs for polluting underground aquifers, aggravating a chronic water shortage, and exposing its employees to uranium contamination……..

Kidnapping comes as French nuclear giant Areva works on image, France24 , 17  Sept 10, The kidnapping of seven foreign nuclear employees in Niger comes as the French nuclear giant Areva is trying to improve its image in a region threatened by robbery, widespread resentment, and radical Islamism.”In nearly 40 years, Areva didn’t care at all for the locals. But in the last few years, Areva changed its strategy and started implementing development projects”, says Moussa Kaka, RFI’s correspondent in Niger. Continue reading

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Western Australian Aboriginals to Canberra to stop compulsory acquistion of their land

compulsory acquisition ……, is about taking away Aboriginal people’s Native Title rights and interest in a piece of land for the purpose of a big mining company making loads, lots and lots of money.

Indigenous leaders take land grab complaint to Canberra Radio Australia, September 14, 2010 The Kimberley Land Council has taken its campaign against the James Price liquified natural gas project in Western Australia to Canberra.

Two weeks ago the Western Australian government began a compulsory acquisition process for land in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the state. Continue reading

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Racism in Australia- Northern Territory Intervention, Western Australian land grab

events that revealed the level of racism in Australia: the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal land for mining in WA; the ongoing NT intervention

NT intervention ‘a big lie’ , Green Left, September 11, 2010,By Peter Robson, Jeff McMullen , 14 Sept 10, Journalist Jeff McMullen used his speech at the September 8 Building Bridges forum at Parramatta Town Hall to condemn ongoing government support for the NT intervention. Continue reading

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Villagers in India repel visit of nuclear promotional team

The district authorities had planned to organize an awareness meeting with the people, mostly fisherfolk, on Wednesday to discuss the feasibility of the nuclear plant. But it was cancelled following the revolt from the people of the area,

(India) Kovvada villagers stage protest against nuclear expert team – Hyderabad – City – The Times of India, 31 Aug 2010, RANASTALAM (SRIKAKULAM): The experts team of nuclear energy and oceanography faced the ire of the local fishermen when they visited the proposed nuclear power plant site at Kovvada Matyalesam here on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Aboriginals and Labor oppose uranium mining in Western Australia

Kade Muir, a Wongatha anthropologist who was born in Kalgoorlie but now resides elsewhere, says, “We don’t want this product disturbed from the ground. We don’t want to bequeath a legacy for future generations of a toxic environment.”

Enough of Uranium Mining, Say Aboriginal Communities. Galdu. Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, August 2010, KALGOORLIE-BOULDER, Australia — As a mining giant prepares to open a major uranium mining site in Western Australia next year, the clamour for the state to once more ban mining of the radioactive mineral has become louder.
By Jessie Boylan, IPS Continue reading

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Swing against Labor in NT due to Labor’s Aboriginal policy and nuclear waste dump plans

Mr Hampton said…….There’s obviously the issues … terms of the nuclear waste dump as well, so they’re federal issues……

Intervention cost Labor votes: NT minister – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Eleni Roussos, 24 Aug 2010, The Minister for Central Australia, Karl Hampton, says the federal intervention contributed to a swing against Labor in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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Anti-nuclear movement making waves in Australia

The sad reality is that whoever forms government in Australia on Monday will support expanded uranium mining and radioactive waste dumping at Muckaty.

Whilst we have strong political supporters it is increasingly clear that it is the community and community organisations and resistance that best challenges the atomic agenda

those of us working for a nuclear free future have got some results and made some waves.– Dave Sweeney, 20 August 2010, Continue reading

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Australia’s major political parties fail on nuclear waste dumping

“When you attempt to impose nuclear waste dumps on unwilling communities it’s very likely to backfire and the dump won’t be established because community opposition will prevail,”

Anti-nuclear alliance gives thumbs down to parties – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 17 Aug 2010, An alliance opposed to a nuclear industry in Australia says neither the Government nor the Opposition deserves to win the federal election.At a meeting of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance in Alice Springs, traditional owners have raised renewed concerns about a proposal to house a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. Continue reading

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Koongarra uranium mining would endanger precious wetlands

“Woolwonga is so valuable ecologically that we oppose in principle any mining development upstream of it,” the inquiry report said.

Rich uranium mine stays locked up, Northern Territory News, NIGEL ADLAM, August 11th, 2010 “….. The Fox Inquiry said in 1977 that Koongarra should not be mined as it is close to the internationally important Woolwonga wetlands. Continue reading

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Uranium and nuclear news under the radar in Australia

I do aim to post significant international news here. But – so much uranium and nuclear stuff is going on without media mention, here  in Australia.  Today we have two courageous Aboriginals –  Michael Anderson, and Jeffrey Lee, standing up for their people and for Country, against the uranium industry.

The USA and Australia are soon to ratify a new nuclear agreement, – yet we Australians HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD ABOUT THIS.

Tony Abbott’s telling Catholic schoolkids how all we need to do is follow USA’s lead on selling uranium to India (never mind about the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty)

Anyway, I’ve had to confine myself today to mentioning the frightening events in Russia, where a very little amount of news is getting out about the wildfires around the nuclear facilities near Moscow, and the uncertain facts on radioactivity in smoke. Christina Macpherson 11 Aug 2010.

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Aboriginal Senate candidate opposes nuclear industry

Michael Eckford (aka Anderson)  stands for the Senate on  a platform of developing a real balance between sustainable economic development and Caring for Country. He is uncompromising in his stand against the exploitation of Aboriginal people by the nuclear industry. ..Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

All Aboriginal agreements in relation to mining uranium in this country have not been be done with full free, prior and informed consent but rather by bribery and coercion.URANIUM MINING

  • Oppose existing uranium mines: Beverley, Roxby Downs (Olympic Dam) and Ranger.
  • Oppose new uranium mines
  • Oppose expansion of existing uranium mines
  • Oppose radioactive liquid waste dumping at Beverley and proposed in-situ leach uranium mines.
  • Oppose uranium mining at Jabiluka………………Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

See for the nuclear policies of the other political parties.

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