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Earth Day – we need local, national, and global action

This Earth Day: Recommit to Think Globally and Act Locally, THE HUFFINGTON POST, David Gordon, 22 April 2010, “…… We need to make some tough choices. We need to transform our electricity systems by multiplying energy efficiency measures and to invest only in renewable energy, not in more fossil fuels.

We need to transform our oil-dependent economy by stopping our rush to explore for new oil and gas resources in the riskiest and most remote areas of the world, such as off of our coasts and in the Arctic. We need to put that money instead into solutions that will transform our energy and transportation.Let’s start by shutting off subsidies for fossil fuel industries and putting those subsidies into energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Let’s create policies like Feed-in Tariffs that will reward people for investing in renewable energy. We need to make some tough choices – but if we do, we can find the solutions….

Earth Day helped spawn the ideology of “Think Global, Act Local.” This truism remains critical to everything we do within the environmental movement. We are stronger if we work together at the global level. We will achieve our victories at the local level, and taken together, they can and will create global change.

On this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, let’s re-commit ourselves to creating real environmental change around the world. Let’s re-commit ourselves to building and growing a widespread, grassroots environmental movement that involves everyone and can create this change. David Gordon: This Earth Day: Recommit to Think Globally and Act Locally

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