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Australian input into anti-nuclear march to United Nations

Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair ,  Baristanet April 28, 2010 About 25 peace marchers, some of whom have been on the road since February, walked up Bloomfield Avenue today, chanting, beating drums and carrying their message of opposition to nuclear power and bombs to the Central Presbyterian Church on Park St., where they’ll be spending the night. The marchers are members of Footprints for Peace……. plan to reach the United Nations on Saturday. They said the Montclair Presbyterians offered shelter on 24 hours notice.

“I’ve only been walking for a month,” said Kerrie-Ann Garlick, who came from Australia to participate in the march, and who will be speaking at the UN. She said Australia is the third largest exporter of uranium in the world, which is why so many Australians are involved in the peace effort. “We want to close the whole industry down,” Garlick said. Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair (Baristanet)

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