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Australian input into anti-nuclear march to United Nations

Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair ,  Baristanet April 28, 2010 About 25 peace marchers, some of whom have been on the road since February, walked up Bloomfield Avenue today, chanting, beating drums and carrying their message of opposition to nuclear power and bombs to the Central Presbyterian Church on Park St., where they’ll be spending the night. The marchers are members of Footprints for Peace……. plan to reach the United Nations on Saturday. They said the Montclair Presbyterians offered shelter on 24 hours notice.

“I’ve only been walking for a month,” said Kerrie-Ann Garlick, who came from Australia to participate in the march, and who will be speaking at the UN. She said Australia is the third largest exporter of uranium in the world, which is why so many Australians are involved in the peace effort. “We want to close the whole industry down,” Garlick said. Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair (Baristanet)

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New radioactive waste cleanup bill may stop uranium milling in Colorado

Colo. Legislature passes uranium cleanup bill, Google hosted news, By COLLEEN SLEVIN (AP) – 29 April DENVER — Colorado lawmakers have passed a bill that requires uranium mills to clean up radioactive waste before accepting more radioactive material. Continue reading

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Australia should not become just the land of quarries and waste dumops

We will all pay for that when the global miners are gone – or we won’t be able to afford to pay for a clean-up at all and just leave the holes in the ground.
Curse of The Resource Rich may Befall Us, Sydney Morning Herald, MARTIN FEIL, April 30, 2010

The government and the media generally promote Australia’s resources boom as a blessing for the economy in difficult global times. Our land seems to be regarded as a magic pudding that will never stop feeding our growing population. All we have to do is dig. Continue reading

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Students, senior citizens, – community action stops uranium mining

(India Search for uranium deferred, The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata), Shillong, April 29: The Meghalaya government today decided to keep “in abeyance” the proposed exploratory drilling of uranium in Balpakram National Park in South Garo Hills district in view of stiff opposition from various quarters. Continue reading

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Hydroelectric plant – an Australian first

NSW: Australia’s first hydroelectric plant turned on, Energy Digital, 29 April 2010, North Head sewage treatment plant’s new hydro electric facility will now generate enough green energy to benefit environment, Andrea Marino , Apr 29, 2010 Continue reading

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High Speed Rail network linked to carbon savings and renewable energy

A national Australian HSR network will deliver larger carbon savings as domestic energy production shifts to renewable energy sources like wind, geothermal, and baseload solar.

High-Speed Rail Back on Australian Agenda, The Energy Collective 24 April 2010, The Australian Greens have put high-speed rail (HSR) back on the national agenda. Continue reading

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Video: Grand Canyon watershed endangered by uranium mining

Ecoflight Grand Canyon Trust YouTube – Ecoflight Grand Canyon Trust

Aerial view of uranium mines threatening Grand Canyon watersheds, Grand Canyon Trust News,  April 29, 2010 by gctrust, Roger Clark, Grand Canyon Trust’s Air and Energy program director, recently flew with EcoFlight over uranium mining sites situated around the Grand Canyon and its watersheds that supply water for 25 million people. This bird’s eye view will allow you to understand the potential impact of uranium mining on the water supply for Arizona, southern California and Nevada. Click here to view the video.

Aerial view of uranium mines threatening Grand Canyon watersheds « Grand Canyon Trust News

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NASA’s Nuclear Compton Telescope crashes near Alice Springs

VIDEO Nuclear Compton Telescope crashes on launch,  Dynamics of Cats NASA loses a balloon in the outback April 29, 2010 The Nuclear Compton Telescope (PI Boggs at UCB’s SSL), a soft γ-ray telescope designed for balloon launch, observations in the stratosphere, and recovery, crashed because of a wind gust during an attempted launch in Australia earlier today

Nuclear Compton Telescope crashes on launch : Dynamics of Cats

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USA’s Radiation Exposure Compensation Act addresses ‘gruesome legacy’ of atomic testing

The new bill, introduced by Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico on April 19 to address the “gruesome legacy” of Cold War era weapons development, expands coverage to the entire states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Colorado, as well as those harmed by the original Trinity blast in 1945, in Alamogordo, N.M., and by the nuclear tests conducted upwind of Guam in the Pacific

Keeping Fear Alive., ROBERT C. KOEHLER, 29 April 2010, ………legislation introduced into Congress this month to expand the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act has put the suffering born by so many Americans — who lived downwind of the nuclear tests, worked in the industry or mined the uranium — back into the news. Continue reading

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