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Australia ‘inactive’ on Nuclear Disarmament

“At the May 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, Australia was noticeably inactive, failing to walk the talk, merely aligning itself with the United States……..

Hiroshima Day – and still 23,000 loaded weapons! « Darren Churchill: Australian Democrats Senate Candidate for the ACT 6 August,  2010 The Australian Government is playing games on the issue of nuclear disarmament says the Australian Democrats’ lead Senate candidate in the ACT, Darren Churchill Continue reading

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Schoolkids try to convince Mayor on nuclear-free movement

Cr Neoh has refused to sign the symbolic agreement saying it was not for local government to make a decision on.

School targets Neoh in anti-nuclear campaign, The Warrnambool Standard, PETER COLLINS. 22 Jul, 2010 Hawkesdale schoolchildren are keen to persuade Warrnambool’s mayor Cr Michael Neoh to change his mind and support their push for a world free of nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Anti-nuclear women walkers greeted in Sydney

Anti-nuclear activists on the road  Alternative Media Group, Pam Walker & Anna Watanabe , 20May 2010 The City of Sydney hosted a reception for anti-nuclear walkers from Footprints for Peace at Town Hall last week, showing its support for ending Australia’s involvement in the nuclear cycle.

Among supporters were Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon and various councillors from Sydney Mayors for Peace.

The walkers from Footprints for Peace – Women’s International Peace Walk, are walking from Brisbane to Canberra to protest nuclear proliferation.In Canberra the walkers will present Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with a message stick from the indigenous people of Brisbane Continue reading

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Intrepid women anti-nuclear walkers welcomed in Sydney

“I want to ensure that my great grandchildren are not threatened by the deadly effects of the nuclear cycle,” she said, “The nuclear cycle starts in Australia by digging up uranium.”….

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk with pride and in partnership with our Indigenous brothers and sisters,”

Trekkers leave footprints to bring peace,  Alternative Media Group, Lawrence Bull , 6 May 2010 Women walking from Brisbane to Canberra in the name of peace and a nuclear free future arrive in Sydney City on Sunday. Continue reading

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Australian women’s anti-nuclear peace walk to Canberra

Our aim is to communicate how the whole nuclear cycle is unsafe; it will leave a toxic legacy for over 200 000 years.

FootPrints For Peace Australia | Indymedia Australia, 1 May 2010, On 13 March 2010 five women aged from 37 to 69 began walking from Brisbane to Canberra to take a message to the prime minister. The message conveys the hopes and dreams of the Australian people, asking that we take steps towards a nuclear free future. Continue reading

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Australian input into anti-nuclear march to United Nations

Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair ,  Baristanet April 28, 2010 About 25 peace marchers, some of whom have been on the road since February, walked up Bloomfield Avenue today, chanting, beating drums and carrying their message of opposition to nuclear power and bombs to the Central Presbyterian Church on Park St., where they’ll be spending the night. The marchers are members of Footprints for Peace……. plan to reach the United Nations on Saturday. They said the Montclair Presbyterians offered shelter on 24 hours notice.

“I’ve only been walking for a month,” said Kerrie-Ann Garlick, who came from Australia to participate in the march, and who will be speaking at the UN. She said Australia is the third largest exporter of uranium in the world, which is why so many Australians are involved in the peace effort. “We want to close the whole industry down,” Garlick said. Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair (Baristanet)

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Queen Noor of Jordan, and “Countdown to Zero”

“I am one of a million for whom Islam and Western cultures are not incompatible,” she said, reminding the nearly filled auditorium that she is Muslim…Her Majesty says nuclear weapons have no place in a world striving to achieve international security. Rather terror can be their only purpose.

Queen Noor On Nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, April 19, 2010, Cross-Cultural Understanding, at CU Boulder “……..Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan is the founder of Global Zero, a worldwide movement that seeks to eliminate both actual and potential stockpiles of nuclear weapons across the globe by year 2030. Continue reading

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Yes, why isn’t Rudd at the Nuclear Summit?

Not much Australian media coverage of the Nuclear Summit either.  Not a word on ABC Television  last night.

Could it be that Rudd’s corporate backers, like BHP Billiton, are not very keen on Obama’s plan to get old nuclear weapons turned into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors?   Perhaps Rudd would rather not be seen to be joining in undermining the uranium mining industry?

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Christians blockade nuclear base at Easter

Communion shared at blockade of Faslane nuclear base  Ekklesia, 3 April 2010, Christians have shared communion while participating in a blockade of the Faslane nuclear weapons base in Scotland. The “symbolic blockade” today (3 April) forms part of a day of action across Europe, as campaigners from various countries call for the removal of nuclear arms from the entire continent. Continue reading

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“Peaceful Nuclear Power” – it’s an oxymoron

Harmonious relationships between people and nations cannot survive in a nuclear power society, with its atmosphere of secrecy, surveillance , suspicion, fear, and ever-present real danger.

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