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Review: Nuke waste, media silence, environmental causes of cancer

Australia: Strangely absent from the mainstream media was the Senate’s Report,giving green light to Martin Ferguson’s Muckaty nuclear waste dump plan. Also strangely absent, a new agreement between Obama and Rudd on nuclear technology co-operation. But – lots of coverage given to BHP’s objections to a super profit resource tax. Tony Abbott ‘educates’ kids towards Climate Change scepticism. Federal govt might compensate Maralinga vets, perhaps to prevent legal case.

International: U.S. President’s Cancer Panel Report spells out environmental causes, including ionising radiation. Israel under pressure to admit to its nuclear weapons. Germany less likely now to restart nuclear power. India’s Parliament in turmoil over nuclear insurance to help foreign nuclear companies. Uranium prices and revenues low. World Bank finds nuclear power uneconomic. – the week that has been

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Legal challenge preparing against Australia’s plan to dump nuclear waste on aboriginal land

“We find it quite astonishing when we compare their determination against the land commissioner’s report which clearly identifies the traditional owners we’re speaking to as owners of the land.”

Lawyers step in as waste dump gets nod,  ABC Alice Springs – Australian Broadcasting Corporation, By Alex Johnson 11 May 2010, A team of solicitors will travel to Tennant Creek today to prepare their case against the Federal Government’s plan to build a nuclear waste dump north of the town. Continue reading

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Cancer risks for young women in medical radiation

President’s Cancer Panel Report  says “minimizing radiation dose to breast tissue is critically important, particularly in girls and young women.”…..

PCP:Medical radiation ups breast cancer risk,, 08/05/2010 The President’s CancerPanel released this week an annual report on the cancer risks from the environment warning that medical radiation raises breast cancer risk. Continue reading

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Australia’s proposed nuclear waste dump a target for terrorism

Nuclear waste site a target for terrorists, expert warns, Sydney Morning Herald, LINDSAY MURDOCH DARWIN May 11, 2010 A BRITISH nuclear risk expert has warned that terrorists could target radioactive waste being transported thousands of kilometres across Australia to a proposed waste dump in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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President’s Cancer Panel Report highlights Breast Cancer

our cancer institute has become very interested in environmental contributors to breast cancer. One thing that has become clear is that such exposures may have their greatest effect in childhood or, in particular, during puberty, which is when the mammary gland undergoes its most rapid growth and development……

the President’s Cancer Panel report is in general cautious and makes sensible policy recommendations. It also makes a number of (mostly) sensible recommendations for individual citizens. In general, it is cautious and highlights a neglected aspect of cancer research.

(USA) The President’s Cancer Panel steps into it : Respectful Insolence, 11 May 2010, Continue reading

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