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Don’t be snowed by BHP’s blah on Resources Super Profit Tax

Miners strangely silent on the billions they reap in tax credits, Sydney Morning Herald, CHARLES BERGER, May 11, 2010 “………….If the government’s proposal can be criticised at all, it is that it doesn’t go far enough. More of the existing fossil fuel subsidies should be dismantled, as recommended by the Henry review (and as Australia has committed to the G20 to do).

And the government plans to return far too much of the revenue raised by the resources tax to the mining industry in the form of additional exploration rebates and mining industry infrastructure, when we should be using the additional revenue to help us build a clean, sustainable economy, including investment in renewable energy and clean transport.

So don’t be snowed by the big miners’ shrieks about sovereign risk driving them out of Australia. The biggest risk is that we continue to subsidise mining operations that aren’t paying a fair return for their use of public resources and taxpayer dollars…… Miners strangely silent on the billions they reap in tax credits

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Navajo to fight uranium mining expansion

[Uranium mining] left New Mexico with a devastating legacy of sick communities—including high rates of cancers, respiratory diseases, reproductive disorders and miscarriages. They also left contaminated water, soil, and air.

Navajo to Protest Uranium Mining Expansion, Censored News, May 20, 2010 On May 25-27 a delegation of Navajo community leaders will come to Denver to protest US Government support for expanding the nuclear industry that has already had a devastating impact on Native American and Chicano communities in New Mexico.The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Mining Association will host a “Uranium Recovery” conference designed to make it easier for mining companies to move forward with a new era of uranium mining. Continue reading

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