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The quack background of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

France has, rather unwisely, put a huge amount of its export eggs into the nuclear energy market. Its President Sarkozy spends much time and energy pushing nuclear sales around the world.

Helping in this French sales effort is Bruno Comby, who purports to be a health expert and environmental scientist.  Among his many-faceted health promotion businesses is the Comby Stressometer.  Rather like the Scientologist’s E-Meter, the Comby Stressometer can be sent to you from overseas, (for a price). and it purports to measure your stress levels and physical well-being.

Mr Comby is a quack.

He is also the founder and leading light of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, supposedly a worldwide organisation, but very secretive about its membership and its funding.

Also secretive is the background of Bruno Comby – who is in fact qualified only as a nuclear physicist.

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