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AREVA illegally storing radioactive waste at rail terminal

Greenpeace has therefore filed a complaint against French nuclear giant Areva for use of an undeclared basic nuclear installation, by storing nuclear waste in a place not designed for this purpose. Areva does not respect the legal criteria for storage of radioactive nuclear waste….The nuclear waste inside has a half life about 700 million years.

Complaint against AREVA for illegal storage of nuclear waste Greenpeace International,  by JulietteH – November 4, 2010, On Tuesday, at 3pm, Greenpeace conducted a citizen inspection at the entrance of the railway terminal in the small town of Valognes, France. Activists carried out radiation measurements by monitoring the passage of trucks that have been carrying containers of highly radioactive nuclear waste for a week. Continue reading

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AREVA involved as Chinese nuclear executive gaoled for 20 years

Jiang was charged with disclosing information to France’s Areva, the world’s largest builder of nuclear reactors, about a 2004 bid for China’s inland nuclear programme

China exec gets 20 years for leaking secrets  Reuters,  By Benjamin Kang Lim BEIJING, Sept 28 – The disgraced president of a Chinese state-owned enterprise has been jailed for 20 years for leaking state secrets in connection with a bid for foreign-made nuclear reactors, Continue reading

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Uranium injustice – AREVA’s history in Niger

Besides alleged bribes made to Tuareg rebels, Areva was also criticised by several NGOs for polluting underground aquifers, aggravating a chronic water shortage, and exposing its employees to uranium contamination……..

Kidnapping comes as French nuclear giant Areva works on image, France24 , 17  Sept 10, The kidnapping of seven foreign nuclear employees in Niger comes as the French nuclear giant Areva is trying to improve its image in a region threatened by robbery, widespread resentment, and radical Islamism.”In nearly 40 years, Areva didn’t care at all for the locals. But in the last few years, Areva changed its strategy and started implementing development projects”, says Moussa Kaka, RFI’s correspondent in Niger. Continue reading

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Australia’s Liberal Coalition would prevent uranium mining at Koongarra

Federal Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says an Abbott government would not grant permission for uranium mining at Koongarra.

Federal Coalition at odds with CLP over Kakadu – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Jane BardonUpdated ,  Aug 11, 2010 Uranium-rich land offered to Kakadu Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says an Abbott government would protect Koongarra. (Lateline) The Federal Coalition says it would match Labor’s commitment to prevent uranium mining at Koongarra by taking up a traditional owner’s offer to incorporate it into Kakadu National Park. Continue reading

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AREVA unhappy, Australia’s tourism happy, about Kakadu expansion

AREVA wants the Government to explain its decision and says it is now seeking legal advice…Meanwhile, Tourism Top End says it is hopeful Labor’s pledge to expand Kakadu will mean more areas will be opened to tourists.

Kakadu expansion plan bewilders uranium miner – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Emma Masters,  Aug 11, 2010 “….A French mining company seeking to exploit uranium-rich land surrounded by Kakadu National Park is calling for the Federal Government to explain why it has promised to stop future mining. Continue reading

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Nuclear AREVA’s uranium $billions, or Koongarra’s environmental richness?

AREVA is currently seeking legal advice…..Jeffery Lee is the senior custodian of the land and the sole member of the Djok Clan. He feels that the land would be better off with the National Park than with the uranium mining company

Koongarra May Become ‘Off Limits’ for Uranium Mining By Joel Scanlon  11 August 2010, French multinational and industrial conglomerate AREVA might want to explore the Koongarra area of Northern Territory in Australia for uranium, but if the sole Aboriginal owner has his way the land would soon be part of the Kakadu National Park.

Uranium mining would then be banned in the wetlands Continue reading

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Labor govt will back Aboriginal Jeffrey Lee against nuclear giant AREVA

if re-elected, Labor would accept Mr Lee’s offer to incorporate the 1228 hectares of environmentally sensitive land he owns into world heritage-listed Kakadu.The move would block plans by French nuclear energy giant Areva to extract 14,000 tonnes of uranium from its mineral leases in the area

Aboriginal custodian turns back on riches, The Age, LINDSAY MURDOCH, DARWIN, August 11, 2010 AN ABORIGINAL traditional owner who could have become one of Australia’s richest people if he had allowed uranium mining on his land near Kakadu National Park says he is not interested in money. Continue reading

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France leads in nuclear financial disaster

Last week, AREVA posted a massive operating loss of 485 million euros for the first half of 2010…..Electricite de France (EDF) finds itself in a similar predicament. In the first half of 2010, the company saw its profits slashed by almost half.

France leads the way in the nuclear debacle Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – August 2, 2010 If you want to know why the so-called nuclear ‘renaissance’ is never going to happen, you need only look at the news that’s been coming out of France in the last few days. Continue reading

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Review: hypocrisy on uranium and nuclear industry

Australia: what a load of hypocrisy is going on. about the Resources Tax!  BHP saying that Olympic Dam uranium mine’s expansion is threatened.  Of course it is!  – By the collapse of the uranium market ! ANSTO forced to admit its safety failures. And, we wait to see if Peter Garrett will be able to promote AREVA’s uranium mining in Koongarra, while he still poses as Minister for Environment

International: hypocrisy as the closing Nuclear Non Proliferation conference promotes the nuclear industry, as pro-nukes suggest nuke bombing the oil spill, as the industry touts new, little, thorium reactors.  All in a desperate bid to keep the “peaceful” nuclear industry afloat, as nuclear reactors age and close down, while new ones just aren’t getting built, except in secretive totalitarian states, such as China

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Garrett’s chance to support environment rather than AREVA

“The Federal Government needs to chose which is more important – the long-term national interest of Australia or the corporate interest of a French nuclear company.”

Garrett keen to see Kakadu expansion ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 30 May 2010 Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett says he would like to seize the opportunity to expand Kakadu National Park, following a request from traditional owners. Continue reading

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AREVA’s Northern Territory uranium plans blocked by one Aboriginal man

Owner wants uranium-rich land to be added to Kakadu, Sydney Morning Herald,  LINDSAY MURDOCH IN KAKADU, May 29, 2010 “……….Areva executives in Australia did not return calls from the Herald. The blocking of the mine comes five years after a federal takeover of uranium mining from the Northern Territory Labor government that was supposed to boost uranium mining. But the move is in tatters, Continue reading

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The quack background of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

France has, rather unwisely, put a huge amount of its export eggs into the nuclear energy market. Its President Sarkozy spends much time and energy pushing nuclear sales around the world.

Helping in this French sales effort is Bruno Comby, who purports to be a health expert and environmental scientist.  Among his many-faceted health promotion businesses is the Comby Stressometer.  Rather like the Scientologist’s E-Meter, the Comby Stressometer can be sent to you from overseas, (for a price). and it purports to measure your stress levels and physical well-being.

Mr Comby is a quack.

He is also the founder and leading light of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, supposedly a worldwide organisation, but very secretive about its membership and its funding.

Also secretive is the background of Bruno Comby – who is in fact qualified only as a nuclear physicist.

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Much uranium being mined, but not selling!

There is a lot of uranium being mined across the globe at present  ……..but it is only going into stockpiles at present…..It is for that reason MF Global can see little change to current uranium spot prices

Uranium Market To Remain Subdued. 18/05/2010 ninemsn Money, By Greg Peel Continue reading

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AREVA’s grand nuclear empire plans coming unstuck?

it is president Nicolas Sarkozy’s dream to streamline the nuclear power sector, from design to operation, working as a team to win high profile contracts around the world.

French Nuclear Industry Faces Meltdown, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,  By Geraldine Amiel May 11, 2010,A much-awaited report on France’s nuclear industry — due out later this week — is understood to offer ways for France’s diverse nuclear industry to work together to garner big contracts around the globe. Continue reading

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At last, Australian solar projects to be announced

Shortlisted solar projects to see the light of day * Giles Parksinson , The Australian,  April 26, 2010 IT could be a big fortnight for the Australian solar industry. The shortlist for the first two projects in the $1.5 billion Solar Flagships program is expected to be announced soon, and so will the much awaited but long-delayed winners of the solar component of the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program. Continue reading

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