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The quack background of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

France has, rather unwisely, put a huge amount of its export eggs into the nuclear energy market. Its President Sarkozy spends much time and energy pushing nuclear sales around the world.

Helping in this French sales effort is Bruno Comby, who purports to be a health expert and environmental scientist.  Among his many-faceted health promotion businesses is the Comby Stressometer.  Rather like the Scientologist’s E-Meter, the Comby Stressometer can be sent to you from overseas, (for a price). and it purports to measure your stress levels and physical well-being.

Mr Comby is a quack.

He is also the founder and leading light of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, supposedly a worldwide organisation, but very secretive about its membership and its funding.

Also secretive is the background of Bruno Comby – who is in fact qualified only as a nuclear physicist.

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Yet another attempt to start an Australian pro-nuclear party

Pro-nuclear pollies join the party, Reportage; 27 May 2010 “… Anna Watanabe investigates the Environmentalists for Nuclear party, a new minor party waiting to join Australia’s political system.

Goronwy Price is a former adventurer, turned software designer, and is the candidate-to-be for Environmentalists for Nuclear Power Australia (EFN), an umbrella group of the original organization founded in France.

Price and the EFN plan to register as a federal political party when their membership exceeds 500 people…………….But the vast majority of Australia’s Green movement remains decidedly anti-nuclear………..

Dr. Mark Diesendorf, author and deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW says that he has a more conspiratorial objection to pro-nuclear environmentalism.“Just like there is big money behind climate change deniers, from the coal industry…there has to be big money behind these so called environmentalists for nuclear power.”

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Do your savings go to promote the nuclear industry?

Banktrack is a coalition of citizen organisations whose research campaign is tracking down those financial institutions bankrolling the nuclear industry.

This is the secret the website will tell you.

Nuclear banks? No thanks! | Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – May 26, 2010 , Today sees the launch of the website, a joint venture between BankTrack, Greenpeace International, Urgewald (Germany), Les Amis de la Terre (France), Antiatom Szene (Austria), WISE (the Netherlands) and CRBM (Italy).Banks around the world love to boast about their investments in green technologies and renewable energy. What they don’t like to boast about is their involvement with the dirty and dangerous business of nuclear power. Continue reading

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3rd degree examines Western Australia’s uranium problems

The 3rd degree is a community radio show on 2ser 107.3 FM bringing meaningful climate change dialogue to the Sydney airwaves. We’re a crew of people involved in environmental movementsTune In!Listen to the 3rd degree Thursdays 9-9.30am est on 2SER 107.3FM or online here
Click here to download our nuclear special!
Ep.105: Western Australia – the nuclear state?

There are several proposed mines being processed at the moment, many on Indigenous homelands. Western Australia also doesn’t have a regulatory framework to deal with the risks of nuclear mining and many community members are concerned about this….. who is exploring where, what is being planned and what does the community say?

the 3rd degree: Ep. 105: Western Australia – the nuclear state?

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Campaign to remove BHP’s special legal exemptions for Olympic Dam uranium mine

Friends of the Earth is currently working on a campaign to have the SA Roxby Downs Indenture Act repealed. This legislation allows the mine to operate with wide-ranging exemptions from the Aboriginal Heritage Protection Act, the Environment Protection Act, the Natural Resources Act and the Freedom of Information Act………….

Radioactive Exposure tour at Olympic Dam, The Monitor Newspaper : by Celeste Lustosa, 27 May 2010, The Friends of the Earth conducted their annual Radioactive Exposure Tour from May 14 to 23.  As part of this event, they were in the Roxby Downs / Olympic Dam area from Sunday, May 16. Continue reading

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Nuclear energy push is the central aim of U.S. Climate Bill

Nuclear Energy Has a Friend in Heads of Obama’s BP Oil Disaster Commission,  by kgosztola May 25, 2010“……..Public Citizen reports the current climate legislation is a “nuclear energy-promoting, oil drilling-championing, coal mining-boosting” piece of legislation “with a weak carbon pricing mechanism thrown in.” The public interest groups warns against the nuclear power incentives currently in the climate change bill:
At its core, this legislation is all about promoting nuclear power and handing taxpayers the bill. Consider: Continue reading

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Ranger uranium mine water poorly monitored

Stringent Water Monitoring Needed at Uranium Mine: Greens | 27 May 21010, The Australian Greens have called for better water monitoring methods to be implemented in the wake of allegations that contamination of creek systems has occurred near the Ranger Uranium Mine in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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Pronukes Graham and Reilly in charge of Obama’s Oil Disaster Commission

The EPA under Reilly specifically called for “the construction of 600 more 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plants around the world.”

Nuclear Energy Has a Friend in Heads of Obama’s BP Oil Disaster Commission,  by kgosztola May 25, 2010 “…….The single largest nuclear industry contributor to Graham’s campaign was Exelon, which has provided him with $19,000 since 1998. Exelon, in fact, is a particularly generous donor, giving a total of $588,044 to members of Congress in 2002 alone. That makes it the kindest nuclear company to politicians, according to a Public Citizen report issued this past May 20 titled “Hot Waste, Cold Cash.” Continue reading

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