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Egypt: $110 billion for renewables, mainly wind

Egypt Government to Invest in Wind, From $110 Billion Renewable Energy Budget,  Green Prophet,  May 28, 2010 The Egyptian government has announced plans to generate 1,000 megawatts of wind power this year. Speaking at the energy forum for the Middle East and North Africa 2010, Egypt’s Electricity Minister Hassan Younis said that the country is ready to increase its capabilities in alternative energy projects by 2027. He said the planned projects are estimated to cost the government around $110 billion. According to the minister, the government and electricity sector is adopting a “scientific approach to face the challenge of a growing power demand.” He added that his ministry is looking at diversifying the energy sector to promote renewable energy projects such as wind power and solar power………….

With the government warning that water shortages by 2015 could lead to widespread water cuts for the country’s poor, alternative energy is needed in order to bolster a sector that has been largely stagnant for decades, relying on oil and natural gas, which is heavily subsidized by the government.

Hope for Cairo

Wind farms are the next best hope for Cairo and ten companies bid for contracts to build near the Gulf of Suez in the Eastern desert late last year.

According to the ministry of electricity, the new wind farm will have a capacity of some 250 megawatts and construction is expected to begin sometime in 2011, after bids are turned in during the first quarter of the year. Egypt Government to Invest in Wind, From $110 Billion Renewable Energy Budget | Green Prophet

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