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Encouraging advice for Australian Govt and Nuclear Industry

Having Troubles with your local Aborigines? 20 Ways to Commit Publicly Acceptable Genocide

“……13, When Aboriginal people protest mining and development on their own land, tell them they don’t understand what’s good for them. Tell them that they should be grateful for radioactive pollution because it comes with a cheque from the mining company. Make sure the government doesn’t provide any services to areas with high Aboriginal populations. Allow the mining companies to promise a service infrastructure well below the national standard. Tell the Aborigines that without the mining company they will have nothing. Don’t be bothered if the mining company fails all promises. Set up an extra government department to look at Aboriginal services. Uset his money to subsidise another government department. Use the leftovers to subsidise the obligations of the mining company. Announce an increase in government funding on the needs of Aboriginal people, as though housing is a special need of Aborigines. Thank the mining company for caring for the community and contributing to the economy….”  Adapted by Emma Heughan and Matt Fagan from an untitled article obtained from the internet dealing with the genocide of Native Americans.


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Govt pushes Aboriginals off land – young Australians will expose this

“The intervention is economically forcing people away from their country,”

Students hear NT anti-intervention talks, Sydney Morning Herald  July 8, 2010, Busloads of university students converged on Alice Springs to support indigenous people seeking an end to the federal government’s intervention in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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Aboriginals’ welfare quarantining to provide land for uranium mining

It is clear who will benefit [mining companies, esp uranium] as Aboriginal people move off their land, settle in larger towns and lose connection with country.

What’s behind the NT intervention? | Green Left Weekly. July 3, 2010By Peter Robson, Continue reading

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24 years of radiation testing on British sheep

Before farmers in restricted areas can sell or move any of their livestock, they must have each animal tested…….

Scottish sheep farms finally free of Chernobyl fallout – Science, News – The Independent. By Kevin Rawlinson and Rachel Hovenden, 7 July 2010 Continue reading

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