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Nuclear and fossil fuel lobby’s dilemma over carbon price

The big producers of fossil fuels and uranium, having safely disposed of Kevin Rudd and his resources profit tax, are now treading carefully on the Climate Change issue.  They and the servile mass media did a good job on discrediting Climate Change – so we wouldn’t need to do anything about carbon emissions. The idea is to keep coal roaring on until it can be replaced by nuclear power.

The problem is that their pitch on nuclear power is that it’s the answer to global warming , (even though global warming isn’t supposed to be  real or man-made).  Therefore  Australia would need a carbon price,  shudder! a carbon tax!

No wonder Ziggy Spinowski’s  being a bit quiet these pre-election days!

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Australia’s nuclear lobby needs a carbon price – how embarassing!

John Howard asked Ziggy Switkowski in 2006 to look at nuclear power, and Switkowski told him it couldn’t happen without a carbon price. So, no nuclear power without a “great big new tax”……

No carbon price? You’re being conned | Crikey, 12 July, by Bernard Keane “……..The Coalition is dead keen on nuclear but won’t ever move without Labor giving them cover. But as Crikey showed in November last year, nuclear power is ludicrously expensive and needs massive taxpayer support, otherwise it costs a lot more to build and more to operate than renewables. And that’s before you figure out where to park the waste for a few hundreds of thousands of years or decommission reactors. Continue reading

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In the crooked world of uranium mining deals

Alliance contends that Quasar “engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct” in contravention of Australian trading laws and that Heathgate “assisted or participated in the contraventions committed by Quasar.”……

Alliance takes Four Mile partner to court, World Nuclear News, 12 July 2010 Australia’s Alliance Resources has taken Quasar Resources and Heathgate Resources to court over their failure to disclose information related to the exploration of the Four Mile uranium project in South Australia. Continue reading

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Recognising an Australian anti-nuclear hero

Dr. Caldicott gives lectures and hosts a weekly radio show called If You Love This Planet, which covers issues such as global warming, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, toxic pollution, hunger and poverty, and species extinction in an hour-long, in-depth format.

Heroes of Sustainability: Dr. Helen Caldicott and The Ultimate Form of Preventive Medicine Dolphinblueinc’s Blog, 12 July 2010 “She showed me what one set-on-fire human being can do to shift the consciousness of the world.”  –Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking Continue reading

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