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Australia’s political leaders are dumb on global issues

Turning our backs on the world, Sydney Morning Herald, BRUCE GRANT, August 9, 2010 Our political leaders are facing firmly inward at a time when a multiplicity of problems require a global solution.  ……… Australia has been fighting an election as if ignorance of the contemporary world is a national asset. With the replacement of Malcolm Turnbull by Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd by Julia Gillard, Australia turned inward, intent on jobs and money…….Turning our backs on the world

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Nuclear processing, wastes, threatened by wildfires in Russia

Nearby the town of 90,000 is the large-scale Mayak facility, once a source for Soviet plutonium and now processing nuclear waste and materials from old nuclear weapons.

Russia Declares Emergency in Nuclear Town – – Sofia News Agency, August 9, 2010 On account of the raging wildfires Russian authorities declared a state of emergency in the town of Ozersk, where a large Russian center for processing of nuclear materials is located. Continue reading

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Wongatha Aboriginal clan condemns uranium mining in Western Australia

“We don’t need uranium mining in this country,” says Wongatha leader and pastor Geoffrey Stokes. “We have sun, we’ve got wind, we’ve got people. Why should we pollute our country for money?”.

Australia’s aboriginal communities clamour against uranium miningWe don’t want to bequeath a legacy for future generations of a toxic environment’ say aboriginal clans in opposition to major uranium mining site opening in western Australia  Jessie Boylan,,   9 August 2010. Continue reading

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Information on Nagasaki radiation effects has been censored

Nagasaki was “forgotten” from the very start, thanks to a blatant act of press censorship…..the real reason for the censorship was the United States did not want the world to learn about the morally troubling radiation effects

Press Censorship: How the Truth Was Hidden About Nagasaki | The Nation, 9 Aug 2010, Greg Mitchell “………..many who support the first atomic bombing have expressed severe misgivings about number two because of the failure of United States to give the Japanese at least a few more days to consider surrender after the first blast (and the Soviets’ declaration of war). Kurt Vonnegut Jr. once said in an interview that the “nastiest act by this country, after human slavery, was the bombing of Nagasaki.” Continue reading

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Dianne Stokes questions Prime Minister on nuclear waste dump

VIDEO Nuclear Waste Dump – QandA Community Video, 9 Aug 2010, My name is Dianne Stokes NampinI am a Traditional Owner for Manuwangku, the Muckaty Land Trust where you want to put a nuclear waste dump.We have told Minister Ferguson over and over that we do not want it.That country is very important to us and we want to keep it clean.My question is, why are you not listening to the Traditional Owners and Elders who say we do not want the waste dump? Nuclear Waste Dump – QandA Community Video

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Opposition to uranium mining in Western Australia

Politicians of the opposition Labor Party, who put the ban in effect when they were in power, agree.”We know that all mining is dangerous but we know that mining uranium is off the scale,”

Uranium mining in Australia opposed, The PoliJAM TIMES, 9 Aug 2010, “……….The Australian mining company BHP Billiton plans to develop a uranium deposit near the town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in 2011 in a $15.6 billion project. Continue reading

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A nuclear war cannot be won: nuclear weapons do not deter terrorists

The Concerned Scientists established the Nuclear Nights and Nuclear Winter paradigm in 1985, declaring that a nuclear war cannot be fought, nor can it be won. Moscow and Washington, having signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, nevertheless face the costly problem of keeping thousands of decommissioned nuclear warheads safe.

Do nations need nuclear weapons?, The Hindu, Dhirendra Sharma, 9 Aug 2010, “………….Once a nuclear war begins, there will be no struggle between good and evil, the jihadis and the infidels, dharma and adharma. “Survivors will envy the dead,” as Nikhita Khrushchev warned…… Continue reading

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On Nagasaki Day – a call for Australia to help abolish nuclear weapons

There is another step that Australia could take also to help rid the world of this scourge – to refuse to supply nuclear fuel to any nation that has nuclear weapons.

(at left, a church in Nagasaki, 9 Aug, 1945)

Sixty-five years of living under the threat of the mushroom cloud – On Line Opinion, Dr Sue Wareham,  – 6/8/2010 Two things pose an overwhelming threat to the planet as we know it, climate change and nuclear weapons, and neither is receiving a serious commitment to action by the two contenders for the position of Prime Minister of Australia. While effective measures of the magnitude needed to address climate change are nowhere to be seen in their policies, nuclear weapons haven’t even rated a mention in the campaigning.
Perhaps August 6 and August 9, the 65th anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, will serve to remind Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott of the 23,000 weapons that continue to threaten the destruction of cities around the globe, including in Australia. Continue reading

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Senator Milne puts the case for Australia to boost renewable energy

Labor’s former climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut, warned last week that Australia must accelerate its investment in renewable energy research and development

Greens call for huge boost to renewable energy funds, Sydney Morning Herald, TIM COLEBATCH, August 9, 2010 THE Greens are proposing that the federal government almost quadruple support for large-scale solar, geothermal and other forms of renewable energy by guaranteeing up to $5 billion of loans to new power stations. Continue reading

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Russia’s wildfires cause radiation concerns

heat from fires in the Bryansk region, which already has nuclear contamination from the Chernobyl disaster more than 20 years ago, could release harmful radioactive particles into the atmosphere

Nuclear Concerns as Russian Wildfires Spread Near Chernobyl, The Atlantic Wire, By Max Fisher , August 06, 2010 The hundreds of wildfires still spreading through Russia are beginning to approach areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. Continue reading

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