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The coming battle for powering electric cars

I ponder that the nuclear and uranium lobbies are hyping their product in anticipation of fleets of electric cars – powered by their polluting products. They salivate as electric car charging stations are set up in USA.

It ain’t necessarily so!

Electric cars can be charged up by renewable energy.

Do have a listen to Bernie Hobbs’ amusing and enlightening radio interviews on The Science Show and Life Matters – both from ABC radio¬† – see below.

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Bernie Hobbs’ zero emissions electric car

ABC Radio National – Life Matters – Home Page
Bernie Hobb’s electric car, ABC Radio National – Life Matters 9 August 2010,

Electric car – Science Show – 7 August 2010 because the cars charge overnight when the turbines are going anyway, you’re just using power that’s otherwise just produced for no reason whatsoever. The thing is, if you’re doing it for that reason and if you’re not using green power you’re really defeating the purpose. So you’re pumping just as much carbon dioxide into the air, but you’re not pumping the things that they call Noxs and Soxs, nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxides, which are the things that make the brown colour in smog. So, less of the pollutant, and if you’ve got 100% green power, zero emissions.

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