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Australia waits for political action on energy future

Like many Australians, I am fed up with this ridiculous election. As I write, we all wait for the three Independents to decide on which political party will form government today.

At least, the Independents have surprised us in areas such as support for renewable energy, and climate change action.

With the success of the Greens in the election, some hope for action appears – perhaps not until July 2011, when the nine Greens will take their places in the Senate.

One wonders how much harm the nuclear/fossil fuel lobby can achieve through their servant parties, before July 2011

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Renewable energy investment surging in China

“The sector has strong growth potential given that the Chinese government policy is clearly supportive,“……with the needs for energy security and energy demand from countries like China, the move to renewables is unstoppable, and you’re increasingly seeing renewable energy companies that are good value,”

China Goes Green, Keeps Bankers and Investors Busy – By NISHA GOPALAN, 6 Sept 10, Propelled in part by the backing of powerful Beijing bureaucrats, green-themed Chinese companies are set to reap billions of dollars from public offerings to new investors in coming months…. Continue reading

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